New Strada 2023: Pictures, Prices, New Releases, News

The new Strada 2023 has come to shake up the launches of the year 2023. With new features the new Strada 2023 is bringing great news, and Fiat has already made it clear that it will not let the Strada line become obsolete.

From the photos you can see that the new Strada 2023 has come to make a difference in the automotive market and to win more customers.

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New Strada 2023

Changes in the Generation of New Strada 2023

The new generation of the Strada 2023, which is the most sold in US Europe, is larger in size than the current Renault Oroch, but smaller than the Fiat Toro.

Coming to stores with more internal space and better and more efficient engines than today, the new Strada is already a veteran in the automotive market.

So it will really be a double cabin that can take up to five people, gaining new technologies on board.

According to latest news the new pickup should gain a more sophisticated touch, acquiring new items of series and significantly improving the comfort of the inside of the car.

Fiat promises for the new Strada 2023 more economical engines. The manual transmissions should also change, and all be changed into six gears.

The dualogic automatic gearbox will go out of the line, offering place for the automatic that will also be six gears, which is already used in the Toro pickup.

The size of the new strada 2023 also changes, currently measuring 4.47 with the new changes it will measure 4.70.

Items in the New Strada 2023

  • Traction stability control;
  • Progressive electrical direction;
  • Curtain side airbags;
  • Star sport system;
  • 16 “alloy wheels;
  • Parking Sensor;
  • Sunroof;
  • Arrow light on mirrors;
  • 6.2 “touch screen;
  • Digital TV;
  • GPS;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Built-in reverse camera;
  • AM / FM radio, DVD and CD player;
  • USB / Auxiliary input and phone calls.

New Strada 2023 – Technical sheet

  • Length 4,471 mm
  • Width approx. 1.740 mm
  • Height approx. 1,648 mm
  • Ground clearance 194 mm
  • Bucket capacity up to approximately 900 liters
  • Load capacity up to approximately 700 kg
  • Tank capacity of more than 50 liters in total

Versions of the new 2023

Leader in the market selling almost 60% more than the second place that is the Volksvagen Saveiro.

With this, the price of the New Strada 2023 will receive a small readjustment, possibly costing $ 12995 in the Working version, reaching up to $ 20760 in the most complete version Adventure motor 1.8.

Check out the versions below:

  • Working 1.4 Fire (Flex);
  • Working Plus 1.4 Fire (Flex);
  • Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex);
  • Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex – Extended Cab);
  • Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex – Double Cab);
  • Adventure 1.8 E.torQ (Flex – Extended Cab);
  • Adventure 1.8 E.torQ (Flex – Double Cab);
  • Adventure 1.8 E.torQ Dualogic (Flex – Double Cab).

Prices of New Strada 2023

  • Strada Working 1.4 EVO Flex: $ 12995
  • Strada Hard Working 1.4 EVO Flex: $ 16620
  • Strada Hard Working CE 1.4 EVO Flex: $ 16620
  • Strada Hard Working CD 1.4 EVO Flex: $ 17570
  • Strada Adventure CE 1.8 16V Flex: $ 19760
  • Strada Adventure CD 1.8 16V Flex: $ 20760

Testing Consumption New Strada 2023

In the engine of the new Strada 2023 , we can have the same consumption of the Strada 2023 .

With this, the average fuel consumption of the 1.4-liter version when fueled with ethanol stands at 7.0 km / l at 7.6 km / l on the highway.

Fueled with gasoline it makes around 10.3 km / l and up to 1.4 liters.

FIAT versions Strada 2023

Photos of the new versions of Fiat New Strada 2023 have not yet been released, but below you can find all versions of Strada 2017.

Remember that as soon as disclosed, the information will be available to you here on the blog.

Strada Working 1.4

Strada Working Plus

Strada Hard Working 1.4

Strada Working CE

Strada Hard Working CD

Strada Adventure CE

Strada Adventure CD

Strada Adventure Dual Logic

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