New Fiat Mobi 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

Among the most anticipated news of 2023 when the subject is car, surely the new Fiat Mobi 2023 will be included. Perfect for those looking for an agile and economical vehicle, the new Fiat Mobi 2023 will soon be available for sale at Fiat dealers across the country. Get all the information on prices, different versions and changes in the look of the new Fiat Mobi 2023 now .

What will change in the New Fiat Mobi 2023?

In terms of news, the new Fiat Mobi does not leave anything to be desired! Starting with the possible three-cylinder engine, a factor that favors a lot of engine performance and performance.

The modern compact comes with many new features, see below:

  • Large bumper;
  • Headlights with dual parabola with daytime LEDs;
  • New alloy wheels;
  • Chromed knobs.

Interior and Consumption of the New Fiat Mobi 2023

When it comes to the interior, the new Fiat Mobi 2023 is very stylish and with top quality materials.

But the inner space still leaves something to be desired. If you have a large family, perhaps the new Fiat Mobi 2023 is not the best option.

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After a testing phase, it was found that the Fiat Mobi 2023 behaves well up to four people of average weight, including the driver.

In terms of consumption, the new Fiat Mobi 2023 promises to be very economical, as well as its successor, the Mobi line was designed to support the daily life of big cities.

The new Fiat Mobi 2023 has received the “A” rating in the Inmetro labeling program and has also won the CONPET label, which evaluates the energy efficiency of the vehicles.

New Fiat Mobi 2023 Technical Sheet

Interested in the news of Fiat? The launch should be at the end of 2023.

Check out the complete datasheet of the version prior to the new Mobi 2023 :

Engine : Four-cylinder 1.0 8V, 75 hp @ 6,250

RPM : 9.9 Kgfm @ 3,850 RPM;

Tires : 175/65 R14;

Transmission : five-speed manual;

Dimensions : 3.57 meters long, 2.30 meters between axes, 1.63 meters wide, 1.50 meters high;

Versions : Easy, Easy On, Line On, Way and Way On;

Tank : 47 liters; 0 to 100 km / h: 13.8 seconds / Consumption: 8.2 km / l (c) and 9.2 km / l (r) with ethanol, 11.9 km / l (c) and 13.3 km / l (r) with gasoline;

Weight: 946 Kg.

Prices and Versions of the New Mobi 2023

The new Fiat Mobi 2023 is ideal for urban centers because it has a low fuel consumption and is very affordable.

This popular car arrived in US Europe in the second half of the year 2016, with the promise of being the cheapest car of Fiat, costing about  $ 9400 .

What we can expect from the new Fiat Mobi 2023 is a vehicle that offers an interesting cost benefit and the price should not be very different from the Fiat Mobi 2017, as Fiat intends to be very competitive compared to other popular models.

The Fiat Mobi is invariably sold with four doors and is available in up to six different trim versions.

Check out the table containing prices and versions of the Fiat Mobi 2017 to have a basis of how much will cost the new Fiat Mobi 2023 :

  • Mobi Easy 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 9400;
  • Mobi Like 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 11100;
  • Mobi Way 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 11530;
  • Mobi Drive 1.0 Flex manual: from $ 11530;
  • Mobi Easy 1.0 Automated GSR Flex: from $ 12670.

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