New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020: Pictures, Prices, Consumption

The new model Volkswagen Polo 2020 is one of the most desired cars. The model brings several new features, and completely innovated its standard items. With its updated look, the new model Volkswagen Polo 2020 brings in its design a lot of style. If you want to change cars, this is the perfect model. In addition to the new design and quality parts, this model brings comfort and safety. Keep reading!

New Model Volkswagen Polo!

The New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020 comes to the USA Europe automobile market, with many novelties in its design and parts. This model is ready to compete the sales lead of its category.

In addition to the news, the New Model Volkswagen Polo comes with an affordable price list. The car is designed to be economical, comfortable and technological. In addition, this car brings the best in the market.

New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020

Volkswgen has many state-of-the-art equipment in its models to give its consumers greater security. In addition, it comes with an innovative and totally modern design.

Here are the main competitors of the New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020:

New Model Volkswagen Polo datasheet

See the datasheet of the New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020 , see all the details of the model!


  • Motor: 1.0;
  • Fuel: Alcohol and Gasoline;
  • Exchange: 5 gears – Manual;
  • Traction: Front;
  • Direction: Electric;
  • Brakes: Two disc, and with ventilated;
  • Front suspension: McPherson with anti-roll bar, independent wheel and coil springs;
  • Rear suspension: Torsion axle, semi-independent wheel and coil springs.

Dimensions and capacity

  • Wheelbase (mm): 2,568;
  • Length (mm): 4,057;
  • Width (mm): 1,751;
  • Height (mm): 1,468;
  • Trunk (L): 300;
  • Weight (kg): 1,058;
  • Tank (L): 52;
  • Occupants: 5.

Safety of the new 2020 pole

The brand has been concerned about the safety of its consumers. That’s why New Model Volkswagen Polo brings the best in equipment, so the buyer can enjoy the car with peace of mind.

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See security items:

  • Fatigue detector;
  • Front airbag;
  • Side airbag;
  • Electronic Stability Control;
  • DRL;
  • RKA;
  • Cornering Light.

New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020 series items

New Model Volkswagen Polo brings a modern design, and the best in the auto market. It also brings a lot of comfort and space inside.

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The New Model Volkswagen Polo series comes with many new features, see:

Version 1.0 and version 1.6 MSI

  • Brakes: ABS with EBD;
  • Alarm system: Keyless with remote control;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Mobile phone support;
  • USB port for mobile phone charge;
  • Front electric windows: One touch function;
  • Rear power windows: One touch function.

Comfortline 200 TSI version

  • HHC: Uphill and uphill starting assistant;
  • Electronic control: ESC;
  • Traction Control: ASR;
  • Trunk lighting;
  • Electronic lock: EDS;
  • rear air vents;
  • Fog lights;
  • 2 USB ports;
  • Front armrest with storage compartment.

Highline 200 TSI version

  • Kessy: Vehicle access without key, and with engine start button;
  • LED daytime running light;
  • Digital instrument cluster: Active Info Display;
  • Automatic pilot;
  • Digital air conditioner.

New Model Volkswagen Polo average consumption

Consumer tests are being done on the New Model Volkswagen Polo . It is through the results of INMETRO that it will be possible to understand how the consumption of the car will work. There is speculation of the results, see:

City consumption

  • Consumption of 9.4 km / l, fueled with gasoline;
  • Consumption 6.2 km / l, fueled with gasoline.

Road consumption

  • Consumption of 12.1 km / l, fueled with alcohol;
  • Consumption of 8.1 km / l, fueled with alcohol.

New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020 Versions and Prices

Check out the price list of the new New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020 and its versions:

  • Pole 1.0: $ 12000 ;
  • Polo 1.6 MSI: $ 13500 ;
  • Highline 200 TSI Polo: $ 17300 ;
  • Comfortline 200 TSI Polo: $ 16100 .

Get to know the New Model Volkswagen Polo 2020 better, see the pictures!

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