C4 Cactus 2023: Prices, Photos, Vectors, Engine, Consumption

Considered one of the most complete SUV’s in the category, the C4 Cactus 2023 is having its latest readjustments to be launched in the US Europe automotive market. The model will have several items of series, full of modernity, technology, comfort, safety and economy. Below, check out all about the C4 Cactus 2023 !

C4 Cactus 2023

This latest Citroen launch is the result of a global project with development and production in Latin America.

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The C4 Cactus 2023 C4 reflects the very essence of the brand: a unique attitude, bold design and a new approach to comfort that goes from design to the use of technologies designed to simplify people’s lives.

C4 Cactus 2023

The model is a breakdown of paradigms in the SUV segment, while offering the best of design, technology and comfort.

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Design of C4 Cactus 2023

The new C4 Cactus 2023 arrives in the US Europe automotive market with a super modern look. At first glance, the model seduces by its modern and disruptive style.

  • Organic lines and high , expressive front , which stands out for the optical group on two levels, which value expression and identity;
  • A design that is both strong and balanced , but that dares to reinterpret the traditional codes of the SUV universe;
  • A dynamic silhouette , with a modern balance that proposes a new vision of the segment;
  • At the rear, highlight the integrated airfoil and 3D LED modules, which ensure a graphic and technological light signature.

Serial Items Found in C4 Cactus 2023

As we already mentioned, the C4 Cactus 2023 is a super complete car, offering its users and customers the latest technology, safety items, comfort, economy and more.

The following are the main items present in this Citroen launch:

  • Airbump;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Floating Ceiling;
  • Wheels 17 “diamond ring;
  • Head restraints with height and tilt adjustment in the front seats;
  • 7-inch touch screen that plays CD and MP3;

  • Android Auto platforms, Apple CarPlay and Mirrorlink;
  • Fabric-lined seats and bright central part, with a 3D relief;
  • ABS brakes with REF and AFU;
  • Restore Technology;
  • Top-of-the-line version: Leather Banks;
  • Among others.

Motoring the new C4 Cactus 2023

The C4 Cactus SUV arrives to be the new reference of the current dynamic behavior: it has agile, balanced and safe driving.

With a super modern engine, THP (Turbo High Pressure) 16V FLEX definitely contributes to this, being synonymous with power, elasticity and economy.

The engine generates a maximum power of 173 hp (with ethanol) and a maximum torque of 240 Nm. Associated with the six-speed sequential automatic gearbox (EAT6), a low mass body and a well-aerodynamic work, will allow the model breaking the current standards of the segment.

And the presence of equipment like the Grip Control®, ESP and Hill Assist ensure wide stability and versatility on all types of roads, even on rough terrain.

C4 Cactus Datasheet

We are waiting for the release of the C4 Cactus 2023 datasheet. As soon as disclosed, we will update this post again!

Meanwhile, check out the technical specifications of the current model:


  • Length: 4170 mm;
  • Width: 1710 mm;
  • Height: 1480 mm height;
  • Wheelbase: 2595 mm.

Price of the new C4 Cactus

As the C4 Cactus 2023 is a super complete vehicle, which the manufacturer brand has been investing heavily to offer even more technology, it is normal that its value is a little salty for consumers.

According to speculation, the model could cost from $ 20300 to $ 23000 .

As soon as we get more information about , we will update this post again. Stay tuned!

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