Citroën Aircross 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

Citroen has not released much information on its new launch, the Citroën Aircross 2023 , but speculation ensures that the model will show more standard items, new technologies and much more comfort. We have gathered this information and prepared a post so that you know more details of the Citroën Aircross 2023 , follow next.

Citroën Aircross 2023

Information like the new value, versions and news of the Citroën Aircross 2023 are the most sought after by those who want to know more about this launch, so we prepared this post for you.

The first news awaited for the new Citroën Aircross 2023 is in its design, which promises to arrive more inNewtive and robust, as well as improving the interior to arrive more modern and ample.

Citroën Aircross 2023

In the design we will still be able to find a new step integrated in the trunk that has been designed to give the impression that it is floating.

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Motoring the Citroën Aircross 2023

The engine awaited for the Citroën Aircross 2023 is a VTi 120 FlexStart, with 122CV of power that will deliver more agility to the model.

Next to the engine we will have the option of manual or automatic gearbox, counting on the eco button of the exchange that can reduce by up to 5% the fuel consumption in the automatic model.

Safety in the Citroën Aircross 2023

Citroën can not fail to invest in safety for the new Aircross 2023, so the model will come equipped with new items such as:

  • Brakes with ABS and EBD;
  • Automatic flashing alert on emergency braking;
  • Notice of non-use of the driver’s seat belt;
  • Rear obstacle detector;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Front fog lights;
  • Autopilot and speed limiter;
  • Automatic door locking while the vehicle is in motion.


Interior of the Citroën Aircross 2023

In the interior of the model we will also have new items designed to offer more comfort and connectivity to the users of the Citroën Aircross 2023 , some of the items are:

  • Air conditioning;
  • On-board computer;
  • Headlights with automatic ignition;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • Front and rear headlamp with reading light;
  • Windscreen with rain sensor;
  • Radio AM / FM, MP3, Bluetooth;
  • USB and AUX input;
  • Multimedia with 7 “touch screen screen;
  • GPS Navigation System;
  • March trading system.

Citroën Aircross 2023 Prices and Versions

Citroen has yet to announce whether we will have news when launching new versions, but the readjustment in the Aircross values ​​are already expected.

We have brought you the current price of the model so that you already have a notion of the adjustment, and we will be updating this information as soon as disclosed, see prices:

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