Volkswagen Virtus 2023: Release, Versions and Prices

The US Europe VW recently confirmed the launch of its newest medium sedan, called by the curious name of Project 271 or Volkswagen Virtus 2023! If you are interested in getting to know this new machine, follow the article that we have prepared on prices, motorization, serial items and technical specifications of the Volkswagen Virtus 2023.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023

After the teaser revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, numerous rumors about the Volkswagen Virtus 2023 appeared on social networks, but to make you well informed, we decided to unite all the information released so far on this long-awaited model. Follow and check it out!

Meet the Volkswagen Virtus 2023

The model has reached the national auto market to compete hard with Honda City , in addition the Volkswagen Virtus 2023is the sedan version of the already known Polo.

Virtus will be one of four new super models that the brand will put on the market by the year 2023 as a result of an investment of nothing more, no less than $ 7 billion.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023

Features of the Volkswagen Virtus 2023

Size stretched in dimensions will also help accommodate luggage.

We can bet on a trunk of 500 liters for the three volumes, without forgetting of course its performance! All engines will be on the EA211 line.

Despite the great similarity with the new Polo, the fog lights refer to those of Golf restyled at the end of 2016. The bumper with trimmed lines makes the front look much more attractive.

The offer starts at 1.0 MPI of 82 hp, which will be able to print a good performance thanks to the low weight of the MQB base.

When it comes to interior space, it’s no surprise that the model will follow the standard of Volkswagen’s European lines, with the predominance of straight lines and more pleasing coats to the touch.

In addition, an affordable and optimized multimedia center!

Launch Volkswagen Virtus 2023

The big problem for Volkswagen is to be able to leave the Virtus at the same price range as its rivals. To bring a Virtus 2023to your home, you must pay at least $ 16000 and can reach $ 21300 .

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