New Versa 2023: Prices, Photos & Technical Info

Good news for Japanese car lovers! Soon the new Versa 2023 will reach the national auto market, with the promise to improve its cost-effectiveness to try to fight with the leaders of its category. Are you curious to know all the details of the new Versa 2023 ? Follow this article to the end!

Considered the most economical compact sedan in US Europe, the new Versa 2023 has the responsibility to maintain this reputation, so bet on a 1.0-liter engine in the cheaper versions and 1.6 liters in the most expensive. Learn more about this and other subjects involving the vehicle.

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What will change in the New Versa 2023?

The model debuted in US Europe in the year 2012 and even though it is not yet among the three best selling models in the category, this Japanese compact has increased the number of sales each year. Already in 2015, it became a national model, being produced in Resende in Rio de Janeiro.

New Versa 2023

Since then, the Versa a new look, a three-cylinder engine and CVT exchange. For 2023, the Nissan assembler wants to give a new breath to the car, so we can expect the following changes for the new Versa 2023 :

  • Expectation for a new 6-speed gearbox;
  • Modernization of the multimedia center Nissan App (Google Maps, Waze and Youtube);
  • Automatic digital air conditioning;
  • 16 “alloy wheels.

Top New Versa 2023 Series Items

To further increase its sales, Nissan bet heavy on accessories for the new Versa 2023 , check it out!

  • Reverse camera;
  • Electric rearview mirrors with Tilt Dow;
  • New sound system that will now have Bluetooth connection and USB input;
  • Electrical direction;
  • Integrated 12V socket to center console;
  • Electric front windows with “one touch down” function;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Front airbags for driver and passenger;
  • Multifunction steering wheel with height adjustment;
  • Automatic digital air conditioning.

New Versa 2023 and its consumption

According to Inmetro data, the new Versa 2023 has received “A” rating on all trim versions when compared to a number of models in the same category, so it is worth relying on this car!

Average Fuel Consumption 1.0 manual gearbox

  • City ethanol 8.8 km / l
  • Road ethanol 10.5 km / l
  • City gasoline 12.9 km / l
  • Road gasoline 15.3 km / l

Average engine fuel consumption 1.6 manual gearbox

  • City ethanol 8.4 km / l
  • Ethanol road 10,0 km / l
  • City gasoline 12.6 km / l
  • Road gasoline 14,4 km / l

Average Fuel Consumption of the engine 1.6 CVT

  • Ethanol city 7.8 km / l
  • Ethanol road 10,0 km / l
  • City gasoline 11.6 km / l
  • Road gasoline 14.1 km / l

Prices and Versions of the New Versa 2023

Whenever a model goes through some restyling, its prices need to rise! Taking into account the improvements in the car and also the US Europe inflation, we can estimate that the prices will be as follows:

  • New Versa 1.0 12V flex: $ 12120 ;
  • New Versa 1.0 12V S flex: $ 13000 ;
  • New Versa 1.6 16V S flex: $ 13800 ;
  • New Versa 1.6 16V SV flex: $ 14500 ;
  • New Versa 1.6 16V SV CVT flex: $ 15800 ;
  • New Versa 1.6 16V SL flex: $ 16300 ;
  • New Versa 1.6 16V SL CVT flex: $ 17580 ;
  • New Versa 1.6 16V Unique CVT flex: $ 18000 .

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