Chevrolet Spin 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

A possible restyling of the look of the Chevrolet Spin 2023 is awaited at this launch. If you are curious to know how the new Chevrolet Spin 2023 will come , know that you are in the right place, because here we gather all the information about! Keep following us to check it out!

Chevrolet Spin 2023

The new Chevrolet Spin 2023 arrives in the US Europe automotive market with some changes, starting with its look that is now more modern and sporty.
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Its main change is found right in front of the vehicle, where it is possible to notice a style quite similar to the one of the restyled Cobalt sedan.

On its back, we notice that the trunk is further redesigned, so it can load the plate. The double lanterns will be stretched out, invading the trunk lid. There are still no interior images, but we expect a few changes.

Chevrolet Spin 2023

The mechanical assembly will remain unchanged, keeping the engine 1.8 from 111 hp and 17.7 kgfm with ethanol. Strategically, it will also gain an adjustment that will allow to use US Europe gasoline and ethanol as well as Argentine gasoline (purer than US Europe gasoline), which will reduce production costs.

Serial items present on the new Chevrolet Spin 2023

A little more modern than its previous version, the new Chevrolet Spin 2023 arrives in the US Europe auto market ready to be among the sales leaders of the category.

We have not gotten information about your serial items yet. Below, we gather the equipment found in the 2023 version:

  • Airbag driver;
  • Alarm;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Airbag passenger;
  • Electronic distribution of braking;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Electrical locks;
  • Front electric windows;
  • Disemb. rear;
  • Rear electric windows.

* Once we get this information, we will update this post again!

Chevrolet Spin 2023 Consumption Test

Fuel consumption is one of the most sought-after information for those who wish to purchase a vehicle, as this is one of the most important aspects that the car has to offer.

After all, every driver looks for a vehicle that offers economy in all aspects, but also has modern equipment.

Consumption tests are being conducted on the new Chevrolet Spin 2023 . While the bodies responsible for these tests do not disclose the result, check below the average consumption of the current model available:

  • City consumption (Km / L): 6.5 with alcohol and 9.2 with gasoline;
  • Road consumption (Km / L): 7.4 with alcohol and 10.8 with gasoline.

Technical specifications of the Chevrolet Spin 2023

With information from the data sheet of the Chevrolet Spin 2023 , you stay inside of even more details present in the vehicle. However, by the close of this post this document had not yet been released by the manufacturer brand.

But for you to have a good idea of ​​how the model will come, we have brought the current Spin datasheet, since many small details will not change.

Check out:


Engine 1.8 of 106 hp with gasoline and 111 hp with alcohol. It can be combined with the six-speed manual or automatic gearbox with 6-speed manual mode.

  • Maximum Speed ​​(km / h): 168;
  • Time 0-100 (km / h): 12.0.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length (mm): 4.360;
  • Mirror to mirror width (mm): 1,953;
  • Height with luggage compartment (mm): 1,688;
  • Distance between axes (mm: 2,620;
  • Weight (kg): 1167;
  • Fuel tank capacity (liters): 53;
  • Capacity of the trunk (liters): 710;
  • Occupants: Option for 5 or 7 passengers.

What is the price of a new Chevrolet Spin 2023?

We are awaiting the release of the price table with its respective prices for the new Spin 2023.

Below, check out the speculated values ​​for this release:

  • Chevrolet Spin CTIV 1.8 8V FLEX: Starting at R $ 20300 .

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