New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023: Pictures, Prices, Versions, Restyling

With an incredible 710-liter trunk, the new model Chevrolet Spin 2023 is being redesigned. With a more adventurous look and space for up to 7 seats, the new model Chevrolet Spin 2023 features unprecedented configurations and sports roof rack.

New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023

Spin 2023 unites functionality and style in the same space, which by the way is huge. With a 5- to 7-seater version, Premium trim, 16-inch aluminum wheels and 710-liter trunk, the new New Model Chevrolet SUV is more adventurous than ever.

New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023

The headlights now feature LED light and new design of bumpers and horizontal taillights. Now the taillights cross the dividing line and protrude above the trunk.

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The unique roof rack further enhances the adventurous style of this release.

Distant competitors of New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023 :

  • New Model Fiat doblo;
  • Jac J6.

New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023 Series Items

The Spin 2023 reigns virtually alone in its class, as competing models, as seen above, do not compare to minivan sales.

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In addition to providing comfort, the spacious Spin features sliding seats in the second row, which further increases the interior space. Check out the main New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023 series items:

  • Electrical adjustments for exterior mirrors,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Pacific_100 luggage rack,
  • Slide back seat,
  • Thule trunk organizer,
  • Mylink media center,
  • On-board computer,
  • Cruise control,
  • Electric steering,
  • 12v plug extension,
  • Sports Cranksets – Automatic Transmission,
  • Ceiling spectacle holder,
  • Cross ceiling rack,
  • Blind spot sensor,
  • Car stereo bluetooth jbl trip,
  • Tilt down,
  • Anti-theft wheel lock,
  • Steppe lock,
  • Electric locks,
  • Electric windows on all four doors.

Here in USA Europe, there are not many car models like the New Model Chevrolet minivan. The lack of competitors causes the brand to neglect some items such as additional airbags.

New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023 Datasheet

Have you heard the saying: don’t you mess with the winning team? This is exactly what happened with the new Spin 2023 , because the motorization remains the same.

The engine is 1.8 from 111 hp and although not the strongest among cars in the category, receives praise from owners for the torque of 17.7 kgfm.

Full New Model Chevrolet Spin Datasheet:

  • Motorization: 1.8
  • 6-speed manual gearbox
  • Fuel: Alcohol / Gasoline
  • Electric steering
  • Power (hp): 111
  • Torque (kgf.m) 17.7
  • Front drive
  • Maximum Speed ​​(km / h): 173
  • Rear suspension: torsion axle and rear axle with stabilizer, semi-independent wheel and coil springs.
  • Front suspension: McPherson type and front with stabilizer bar, independent type wheel and coil springs.
  • Brakes: Two disc brakes with two ventilated discs
  • Height (mm): 1,684
  • Length (mm): 4.416
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2.620
  • Width (mm): 1,735
  • Weight (kg): 1,167
  • Tank (L): 53
  • Trunk (L): 710
  • Occupants: 5

New Model Chevrolet Spin Engine Speed

Some changes have led the New Model Chevrolet Spin to slightly increase fuel consumption, such as changing the automatic transmission calibration. But still, the family car is nonetheless economical:

Average Consumption (Ethanol / Gasoline)

  • Manual 2023 spin: city / highway 8.1 (ethanol) 11.8 km / l (gasoline);
  • Automatic 2023 spin (7 seats): city / highway 7.5 (ethanol) 10.9 km / l (gasoline).

New Model Chevrolet Spin Prices

New Model Chevrolet Spin minivan prices are specified as shown below:

  • New Model Chevrolet Spin – Activ AT6: US $ 19000.
  • New Model Chevrolet Spin – LS MT6: US $ 15200.
  • New Model Chevrolet Spin – LT AT6: US $ 16600.
  • New Model Chevrolet Spin – LT MT6: US $ 16400.
  • New Model Chevrolet Spin – LTZ AT6: US $ 19500.
  • New Model Chevrolet Spin – LTZ MT6: US $ 18700.

If there are updates regarding the New Model Chevrolet Spin 2023 we will notify you soon. Check out now an exclusive video of the minivan and more photos of the release.

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