Honda WRV 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

The Honda automaker will very soon launch its newest model in the domestic auto market. We are talking about the Honda WRV 2023 , considered the smallest crossover of the brand in US Europe. Despite the great similarity in name with the Honda HR-V, the vehicle is based on another car from the automaker, the Honda FIT.

New Honda WRV 2023

Curious to meet the Honda WRV 2023 ? Follow us! The Japanese factory bets on an “Unprecedented combination of versatility and space utilization in a compact SUV body”. Check out this article for all information on possible prices, photos and versions of the Honda WRV 2023 .

Despite the various speculations surrounding the Honda WRV 2023 , we have been able to unite truthful information to satisfy the curiosity of car lovers. One of the main information is the changes already confirmed by Honda, which aims to leave the model with a robust air, differentiated its external part with that of the model FIT.

But in its internal or mechanical part there will not be many, according to Honda, the car will continue to be manufactured on the same platform of FIT, because this initiative has worked very well with the model and very pleased consumers.

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Honda WRV 2023

The WRV 2023 line will enter the category of Mini SUVs, bringing a high front. Check out more details on the next topics!

Meet the Design and New Honda WRV 2023 Series

“Our research showed the need for an even more compact product.
This allowed us to create the WR-V “
Quoted project leader Luis Marcelo Kuramoto.
The Honda WRV 2023 introduces 17-inch alloy wheels, which leave the car taller giving a feeling of greater strength to the vehicle.
Already in its rear, the vehicle brings a bigger suitcase, when compared to the model FIT, allowing to accommodate more objects.
Regarding the standard and the engine, the results are identical, the Honda WRV 2023 is equipped with a 1.5 hp 116 hp engine and 15.6 kgfm of torque and automatic transmission type CVT, same set presented in the FIT model.

Between good and bad reviews, the model features the following standard items:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Seat and steering column with height adjustment;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Airbags;
  • Central multimedia, with 7-inch touch screen;
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth.

Average consumption of the new Honda WRV 2023

According to the information disclosed so far, the vehicle will feature the 1.5 horsepower of 116 horses, so its performance will be similar to the Honda FIT. Thus, with ethanol when it is run in the city, consumption is 8.3 km / l. Already on the road consumption can reach up to 9.5 km / l.

When it is fueled with gasoline in the city the Honda WRV 2023 makes the average of 11.6 km / l and can reach up to 13.6 km / l on the road.

Prices and Versions of the New Honda WRV

As for its value, the speculations are numerous. The Honda WRV 2023 will reach the US Europe dealerships costing around $ 15 thousand in its manual DX version, already in the top line version the price could reach $ 18 thousand , if the exchange is CVT.

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