New Honda FIT 2023: Price, Versions, Details

The new Honda FIT 2023 is due to arrive in US Europe with a lot of changes and the most awaited among them is the turbocharged 3-cylinder gasoline engine with direct fuel injection. Check out this and other details about the fourth generation of the Japanese compact and find out why the new Honda FIT 2023 is among the most anticipated releases of the year.

New Honda FIT 2023

Many rumors are about the launch of the new Honda FIT 2023 , so we decided to unite all the official information about the model so far in that article. Follow us!

What will change in the New Honda FIT 2023?

Honda Fit arrived in the domestic automobile market in 2003, but without many modern items. Already in 2004 it underwent a complete restyling, under a new platform and contemplating the exchange of the CVT type.

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New Honda FIT 2023

For the 2023 line, we will undoubtedly have a fully reNewted interior with an optimized finish and a new seven-inch multimedia center in the center of the panel.

In addition, check out the main new features of the new Honda FIT 2023 :

  • Electrical direction;
  • Rearview mirrors with Tilt Dow system;
  • Assistant on ramps;
  • Renewed rear, with new friezes and geometric lanterns;
  • New LED headlamp.

On the wheels of the model, we can observe a more sporty air, as they gain new geometric designs.

Series Items in the Honda FIT 2023

  who bet heavy on standard items. Check out the main ones:

  • Direction with progressive electric assist (EPS)
  • Air conditioning;
  • Steering wheel with height and depth adjustment;
  • Electric windows and latches;
  • Three-point seat belts on all seats;
  • ABS brakes with EBD;
  • Front airbags;
  • Sound mp3;
  • Knife-type switch with door opening / closing control
  • 15 “steel rim wheels;
  • Bipartite rear seats with folding.

Average Model Consumption

According to information from automotive sites, the new 3-cylinder engine is capable of delivering about 129 horsepower and as the use of this engine in the Honda model is almost 100% sure, the new Honda FIT 2023 will still perform better than its 2017 model that was 8.3 km / l in the city and could reach up to 9.5 km / l on the road when fueled with ethanol.

And to reach about 11.6 km / l in the city up to 13.6 km / l on the road, when used with gasoline.

Prices and Versions of the new Honda FIT 2023

Although the transformation of the new Honda FIT 2023 has not been complete, vehicle prices are likely to undergo a slight adjustment, check out the prices for each version:

  • FIT EXL: $ 22200 ;
  • FIT EX: $ 20750 ;
  • FIT LX: $ 19230 ;
  • FIT Personal: $ 18800 ;
  • FIT DX: $ 16100 .

What did you guys think of the new Honda FIT 2023 ? Leave your comment below! Soon we will update this article with more information on the FIT 2023 line.

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