New Duster Oroch 2023: Prices, Photos & Technical Info

According to information from the Renault automaker, the new Duster Oroch 2023 is expected to reach the national automotive market without major changes in its appearance, but presenting many new series to keep it top of the range among the most controversial pickup market in US Europe. Check out in this article all the details released so far on the new Duster Oroch 2023 .

New Duster Oroch 2023

Although very recent in the country, the new Duster Oroch 2023 already arouses many sighs of the consumers for having been successor of the first double cabin truck based on an SUV platform in US Europe.

What will change in the new Duster Oroch 2023?

The pickup arrived in US Europe in 2015, but already in the 2016 line and since then it has been manufactured in the city of São José dos Pinhais in Paraná.

To accelerate its sales process, Renault has decided to leave the aesthetic changes in the background and to force the cost benefit of the vehicle. Since the year 2017 the automaker has improved greatly the factory equipment package and still managed to reduce fuel consumption and it is these results that we can expect even more from the new Duster Oroch 2023 .

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On the European continent the Duster 2023 will arrive in a more spacious version with 7 seats. However, in US Europe there is no positive information on this. On the other hand, rumors that the overall HJD project will be released with a more rounded look increase every day.

What are the standard items present in the new Oroch Duster?

For the line 2023, the Renault automaker has revolved since the cheaper version offer the following items of series:

  • Hydraulic steering;
  • Electrical locks;
  • Steering wheel and driver’s seat with height adjustment;
  • Air conditioning;
  • 16-inch alloy wheels;
  • CD-player with USB and Bluetooth;
  • Electric windows and latches;
  • Alarm;
  • Audio controls on the steering wheel;
  • Ceiling fans;
  • Bucket protector.

Under the hood we have the 2.0 16V engine, which is capable of generating up to 148 hp of power and 20.9 kgfm of torque. The 1.6-liter 16-liter engine also delivers up to 115 hp with a torque of 15.9 kgfm when fueled with ethanol.

The transmission of the new Duster Oroch 2023 will come in the options manual or automatic, presenting in the cheaper versions the manual gearbox of five gears and six in the version top of line, besides the automatic exchange with four speeds.

Average consumption of the new Duster Oroch 2023

So far there is no information on major changes in the mechanical part for the Duster 2023, so the autonomy of the car will continue the same as the 2017 line. According to Inmetro data, consumption of the new Duster Oroch 2023 within the city with ethanol is 7.0 km / l and the city can reach an average of 7.4 km / l.

On the other hand, consumption with gasoline in the urban perimeter is between 10.0 km / l and on highways it reaches 10.9 km / l.

Prices of the new Duster Oroch 2023

Although the restyling has been small, the list prices for the new Duster Oroch 2023 are expected to increase. Check below:

  • New Duster Oroch 1.6 16V Expression flex: $ 18850 ;
  • New Duster Oroch 1.6 16V Dynamique flex: $ 19700 ;
  • New Duster Oroch 2.0 16V Dynamique flex: $ 20800 ;
  • New Duster Oroch 2.0 16V Dynamique automatic flex: $ 21800 .

The main competitors of the new Duster Oroch 2023 are:

  • Fiat Toro;
  • Fiat Strada;
  • Chevrolet S10;
  • Nissan Frontier;
  • Mitsubishi L200;
  • Volkswagen Amarok;
  • Toyota Hilux.

Among all these, in your opinion, which one would be the best option to buy? Leave your comment below!

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