New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020: Pictures, Prices, Consumption

New model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 is perfect for your shoppers who love family travel. Because this model has been offering safety and high technology. Besides offering the best in the automotive market. New model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 will soon arrive in US Europe with new versions, and a totally modern and updated designer. To hear the news, keep reading the article!

Meet the new Model Chevrolet Cruze!

The New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 is a sedan that offers modernity, safety and state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, this new model is completely economical. This way, your consumers will be able to buy it for an affordable price.

The new model is completely modern in design. His leyaut came with a striking and innovative presence.

New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020

If you are thinking of moving and love to travel with family, this is the model for you. The car was created to bring comfort, economy and safety. In addition to having high quality materials.

Here are the main competitors of the New Model Chevrolet Cruze:

New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 Datasheet

Check out the New Model Chevrolet Cruze datasheet, see all the details below!


  • Motor: 1.4 and 1.5;
  • Shift: Automatic with 6-speed manual mode;
  • Traction: Front;
  • Direction: Electric;
  • Front suspension: McPherson and front with anti-roll bar, independent wheel and coil springs;
  • Rear suspension: Torsion axle, semi-independent wheel and coil springs;
  • Brakes: Four disc brakes, and with two ventilated discs.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Wheelbase (mm): 2,700;
  • Length (mm): 4,665;
  • Width (mm): 1,807;
  • Trunk (L): 440;
  • Height (mm): 1,484;
  • Weight (kg): 1,321;
  • Tank (L): 52;
  • Occupants: 5.

New Cruze 2020 Series Items

The New Model Chevrolet Cruze brings the latest and greatest in the auto market. In addition, it provides its buyers with comfort, high technology and safety.

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New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 series features the best on the market, see:

  • Double airbags;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Electronic switch;
  • On-board computer;
  • Isofix fixation system;
  • Automatic air conditioning;
  • Burglar alarm;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Front sensor;
  • Rear sensor;
  • Daytime running light;
  • LED position light;
  • Traction and stability control;
  • Electric exterior mirrors;
  • Steering wheel with height adjustment;
  • Ramp departure assistance;
  • Others.

New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 Consumption Test

Many buyers are eager to know the result of the New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 consumption test . INMETRO results will still be released, so it is necessary to remain calm.

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The model is still in the testing phase of consumption. As soon as new information comes up, we’ll update! But looking at the current brand model, understand how the consumer economy will work:

City consumption

  • Consumption of 7.6 km / l with alcohol;
  • Consumption of 11.2 km / l with gasoline.

Road consumption

  • Consumption of 9.6 km / l with alcohol;
  • Consumption of 14.0 km / l with gasoline.

Chevrolet Cruze 2020 What’s New

The new version of New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 comes with lots of news! The car has a totally modified and modern design, see:

News from abroad

Its new design brings a lot of personality, and also comes with finishes made especially to impress with premium materials. The buyer can choose one of several colors of the model, see:

  • Model in White Summit color;
  • Model in white White Abalone;
  • Model in color White Blue Petroleum;
  • Model in color White Gray Satin Steel;
  • Model in color White Red Glory;
  • Model in color White Red Edible Berries;
  • Model in color White Silver Switchblade;
  • Template in color Black White.

Interior News

  • Internally more spacious;
  • Electronic adjustment in the seats, thus providing greater comfort;
  • System integrated with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay;

Security News

  • Blind spot alert;
  • Track permanence alert;
  • Frontal collision alert;
  • Tire pressure alert.

New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 Versions and Price

There are two current models that are sold in the USA Europeian automobile market. New Model Chevrolet is concerned with bringing its customers a modern, totally economical car. Also, with an affordable price.

The price of the new model New Model Chevrolet Cruze 2020 will still be announced. But you can get an idea of ​​the value by looking at the following table:

  • New Model Chevrolet Cruze LTZ 1.4 Tb Flex: $ 26000;
  • New Model Chevrolet Cruze LT 1.4 Tb Flex: $ 23000.

Meet the New Model Chevrolet Cruze, see the pictures!

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