New Chevrolet Onix 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

Bringing as its main highlight the new family of three-cylinder engines, the new Chevrolet Onix 2023 will soon be launched in US Europe. Learn all about prices, versions and changes of the new Chevrolet Onix 2023 , which promises to continue to lead the sales in the domestic market.

New Chevrolet Onix 2023

Are you curious to know what Chevrolet will be presenting this year? Follow along with all the news about the new Chevrolet Onix 2023.

New Chevrolet Onix 2023

Major Changes That New Chevrolet Onix 2023 Will Bring?

That the Onix line has been the darling of US Europe lately, you already know! Since the year 2016 is the best selling car in the country. Only in the first 9 months of the year did the model sell more than 95 thousand units, passing the front of the Hyundai HB20 and also of the Ford KA.

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In the external look, the promise is that the new Onix 2023 will look similar to the New American Cruze.

Stay tuned for the changes that the new Chevrolet Onix 2023 will present:

  • Three-cylinder engine;
  • New adventurous version Activ with 1.5 motor;
  • Shock absorbers and headlights;
  • new six-speed manual gearbox;
  • reprogramming of the automatic gearbox, aiming at reducing consumption.

Inside the Onix 2023 line treat as news:

  • New coating of benches;
  • Modernized car dashboard;
  • Central My Link Multimedia 7 Inch Touchscreen.

New Chevrolet Onix 2023 Series Items

Not surprisingly, the Chevrolet Onix has a number of standard features from its most basic version, Joy. For the 2023 line, it is believed that the model will come with the following items:

  • Progressive electrical direction;
  • ABS brakes with EBD;
  • Double Airbag;
  • Air conditioning;
  • 14 “steel rim wheels;

  • Speedometer with digital display;
  • Electric glass in the front;
  • Dashboard including the Spin Account;
  • Gear shift indicator panel.

Average Consumption of the New Chevrolet Onix 2023

Owning the 1.0 engine of traditional four cylinders makes an average of 8.8 km / l in the urban perimeters with the use of ethanol. On the roads, consumption rises to an average of 10.5 km / l.

When fueled with gasoline, consumption in the city is 12.9 km / l, and the average of 15.3 km / l can be reached on the road.

What is the price of a new Chevrolet Onix 2023?

Taking into account the new series items that the category will bring and the great receptivity of consumers in the country, the new Chevrolet Onix 2023 should arrive a little more expensive than its predecessor.

Check out the prices and versions of the new Chevrolet Onix 2023 :

  • Onix LT 1.0: $ 12800 ;
  • Onix LT 1.4: $ 14300 ;
  • Onix Advantage 1.4: $ 14600 ;
  • Onix LTZ 1.4: $ 15800 ;
  • Onix Activ 1.4: $ 16600 ;
  • Onix Effect 1.4: $ 15300 .

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