New Model Fiat Mobi 2023: Consumption, Prices and PHOTOS

Since its launch in 2016, the new model Fiat Mobi 2023 has sold 150,000 copies. A very interesting number for the manufacturer’s records. The idea of bringing a smaller car, but with adventurous design options, worked. And the new model Fiat Mobi 2023 has been impressed by its technology, audience reach and engine alternatives. You can find automatic and manual versions.

New Model Fiat Mobi 2023

Looking at the New Model Fiat Mobi 2023 from a market perspective, it can be said that the car was created to compete with models like Vw Up. Smaller in size but surprising on the roads.

New Model Fiat Mobi 2023

In May 2019, Mobi was ranked 11th in the bestseller ranking in USA Europe, with more than 21,700 copies sold. This means that the model is on the rise, and much commented has been acquired.

The driver finds in the dealerships the options of the manual and automatic model. All 1.0 horsepower, but with different engine types, depending on the version chosen.

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The basic color is the shade of black. Opting for white or red, are added another $ 500 in value. For metallic colors such as silver and gray are over $ 1,800. And if you prefer the pearlescent dye in white are over $ 2,100.

New Model Fiat Mobi 2023 Series Items

The New Model Fiat Mobi 2023 series items represent the elements that were inserted into the car and belong to most of the copies. The rest of the props are optional. Like the cross kit that makes the car a sportier style.

High-end versions such as Mobi Drive and Mobi GSR have in addition to what will be mentioned below, other good points. The presentation template, Easy 1.0 has:

  • Storage bag and bottle holder in the front doors;
  • Brake light;
  • Demodromic switch;
  • Drive by Wire (Electronic Throttle Control);
  • ESS (Emergency Braking Signaling);
  • ABS brakes with EBD;
  • LED Illuminated instrument panel with 3.5 inch digital display (gearshift indicator, partial and full odometer, digital clock, fuel level and engine temperature indication);
  • 12V outlet.

New Model Fiat Mobi 2023 datasheet

It is from the information of the new Model Fiat Mobi fact sheet that the consumer can understand the car “inside”. That’s why all the information about its internal construction is in this sheet.

Mobi Fire 1.0 technical specifications are:


  • Type: Front Cross, Gasoline and Ethanol;
  • Number of cylinders: 4 in a row;
  • Cylinder in cm³: 999;
  • Valves: 8;
  • Compression Ratio: 12.15: 1;
  • Maximum net power: Gasoline: 73 hp @ 6250 rpm / Ethanol: 75 hp @ 6250 rpm;
  • Maximum net torque: Gasoline: 9.5 kgfm @ 3850 rpm / Ethanol: 9.9 kgfm @ 3850 rpm.


  • Type: Manual 5-speed;
  • Brakes: disc;
  • Steering: mechanical / hydraulic;
  • Front Suspension: McPherson, Independent;
  • Rear suspension: Torsion axle.


  • Overall Length (mm): 3566;
  • Width without mirrors (mm): 1633;
  • Height (mm): 1502;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2305.


  • Trunk (liters): 215;
  • Tank (liters): 47.

New Model Fiat Mobi 2023 consumption

If so far you were not surprised by the New Model Fiat Mobi (because it met its most basic version). We can say that Mobi 2023 consumption is at least surprising. Considering to be a road car.

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According to a consumption ranking computed by the portal Uol, the average car was:

  • Fuel consumption ethanol: 14.4 km / l;
  • Petrol fuel consumption: 20,9 km / l.

Price and versions New Model Fiat Mobi 2023

In 2019 the car became news for the reduction in its original value for the entry versions. The 2023 model is already on sale in the market and should follow this new average.

About two thousand reais less than in 2018. Today, prices and versions New Model Fiat Mobi 2023 are:

  • Easy 1.0 Flex: $ 7700;
  • Easy Comfort 1.0 Flex: $ 8500;
  • Like 1.0 Flex: $ 9200;
  • Way 1.0 Flex: $ 9600;
  • Drive 1.0 Flex: $ 10300;
  • Drive 1.0 GSR Flex: $ 11100.

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