New Model Ford Territory 2023: Photos and Prices

Após grande espera de seus admiradores, finalmente o new model Ford Territory 2023 está chegando ao mercado automobilístico. O modelo conta com algumas novidades, estando pronto para concorrer com grandes modelos da mesma categoria, como por exemplo o Compass. Para conhecer todos os novos detalhes do new model Ford Territory 2023, venha conosco!

See how the new model Ford Territory 2023 looks!

New Model Ford’s family of SUVs is growing and getting even stronger here in the EU USAian auto market. The newest launch of the brand is the Territory 2023 , which is the midsize SUV but offers everything your target audience expects from a vehicle of this size.

The model has a full range of technology and connectivity, offering its users a series of novelties that until then were only seen in high-end vehicles.

New Model Ford Territory 2023

The new Territory 2023 is part of a new generation of branded vehicles, which offers EU USA consumers the most advanced technology and great value proposition in the automotive market.

Its look is very modern, with bold and stylish lines. Inside, you can find safety, comfort and connectivity equipment, as well as a large interior space that offers even more convenience to passengers.

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Serial items of the new model Ford Territory 2023

As already mentioned in this post, Territory 2023 is the new release of New Model Ford that comes to break standards and stand out among the SUVs already available in the EU USA automobile market.

The model is not yet being sold in EU USA, but according to New Model Ford it will come equipped with:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Induction wireless cell phone charger;
  • 360 degree camera;
  • 10 inch multimedia center;
  • Parking assistant;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Blind spot alert;
  • Instrument panel with 10 inch screens;
  • Real-time communication system that allows the driver to lock, unlock, start, locate and retrieve car telemetry information remotely;
  • And much more.

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Motorization of the new model Ford Territory 2023

According to information, the New Model Ford Territory will be available in the EU USAian automobile market equipped with a 1.5 hp 145 engine, managed by automatic gearbox.

In China, in addition to this option, the model will still have a hybrid configuration and a plug-in (plug-in hybrid) configuration. Remember that none of them will be sold in EU USA.

Ford Territory 2023 model datasheet

New Model Ford is keeping confidential information regarding the new Territoy 2023 . One of them is your technical file, where you can check every last detail of the vehicle in question, such as its mechanics, dimensions, capacity and others.

But we know that the model offers a good space. Check out:

  • Length: 4.58 meters;
  • Wheelbase: 2.71 meters.

With this information, we realize that it will be bigger than its main competitor, the Jeep Compass. They are 17 and 8 cm longer than Compass, respectively, in these dimensions.

* As we get more details, we will update this post again!

Value of the new model Ford Territory 2023?

As we already mentioned in this post, New Model Ford is keeping the “seven keys” information regarding its latest release, the Territory. One is about the value at which the average SUV will be sold in the EU USA auto market.

  • It is expected that the new SUV will be starting from $ 32000 and will have a maximum price of $ 39000.

This information has not yet been confirmed by New Model Ford. Once more details are released, we will come back with updated information for you reader. Stay tuned to our post.

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