Ford EcoSport 2023: Prices, Photos, and Downloads

Despite the expectation to be very large, there is still no specific date for the launch of the Ford EcoSport 2023 in US Europe. But to kill your curiosity once and for all, check out all the details available on the Ford EcoSport 2023 and get to know the great news of the North American automaker.


Ford EcoSport 2023

According to reports from foreign websites, the Ford EcoSport 2023 will only reach the US Europe mark in the second half of 2017. But there is some information we can anticipate, such as the unprecedented 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine. To learn more, follow!

What is the news of the Ford EcoSport 2023?

Present in the national market since 2003, the Ford EcoSport was the first compact SUV in the history of the global automobile industry and this pioneering spirit gave it for many years the leadership in the category.

But while brands like Nissan and Hyundai have entered the compact SUV segment with everything, Ford is already heading into its fifth year without big news at EcoSport. But that reality is nearing an end, as the Ford EcoSport 2023’s design, powertrain and standard features will soon be introduced to US Europes.

Also know the datasheet and prices of:

New Hyundai Crete 2023

Starting with the interior of the vehicle, which has gained a completely redesigned panel, improving both the ergonomics and the connectivity of the SUV and until then, there is the possibility of the model receiving the SYNC multimedia system, highlighted in an eight-inch center touch screen .

The front grille will be painted in matte gray and will have trapezoidal shape and will have three fillets with the background in beehive format. The model headlamps are narrower and the auxiliary lights are at the ends.

Find out what are the highlights of the 2023 FordEcoSport :

  • Conventional six-speed automatic transmission with sequential shift option;
  • Digital air-conditioning and two USB inputs positioned in front of the shift lever;
  • Redesigned dead-bags lid;
  • New LED headlamps.

New EcoSport Series Items

In addition to the renewed look, the brand will focus on connectivity features and greater comfort, drawing consumers’ attention to the new version of EcoSport. Find out what the standard items are in the Ford EcoSport 2023 :

  • Digital air conditioning;
  • Air-conditioned glove compartment and interior space organized with 20 object carriers;
  • SYNC Media System with emergency assistance;
  • Rain Sensor;
  • 2 front airbags, 2 sides for protection of the chest and 2 curtains for protection of the head;
  • ISOFIX child seats;
  • Ramp Start Assistant (HLA);
  • The Parking Sensor.

EcoSport is the first nationally manufactured vehicle to earn the top 5-star rating on Latin NCAP, much of it from the FreeStyle version the EcoSport comes with Global Lock Alarm, which automatically closes the front and rear windows with the drive the alarm.

Ford EcoSport 2023 Prices and Versions

Currently, EcoSport is sold in the US Europe market in the following finishing versions:

  • 1.6 SE DIRECT PowerShift;
  • 1.6 SE (Flex), 1.6 SE PowerShift;
  • 1.6 Freestyle (Flex);
  • 1.6 Freestyle Powershift;
  • 1.6 Freestyle Plus Powershift;
  • 2.0 Freestyle 4 × 4, 2.0 Titanium PowerShift.

The price of the Ford EcoSport 2023 in the entry version will cost in average $ 19400 and in the most complete version the suggested price is $ 25600 in the Ford dealerships.

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