New Punto 2023: Interior, Versions and Prices

The launch of the new Punto 2023 reserves for fans of a modern model novelties ranging from the visual to the performance of the model. The look of the new Punto 2023 may not have great changes, but the expected is that improvements are presented in addition to other news as we will see below.


New Punto 2023

The new Punto 2023 uni in a model features striking like its modern look and the remarkable performance, and for the next release the expected one is that those characteristics are reinforced.

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The look of the new Punto 2023 can present in this launch novelties that although simple contribute to a new style, because the model bets on a striking, modern and daring visual.

For this it is expected that the model has a new large front, redesigned headlights and more striking lines on the front. We still do not know if Fiat will launch a new color with the Punto 2023 , so we expect the model to arrive in 5 external color options, being:

  • White Banchisa;
  • White Kalahari;
  • Black Vulcano;
  • Alpine Red;
  • Silver Bari.

Inside the new Punto 2023 Point

The interior of Punto 2023 also brings newness in this release, since many of the items that are inside are renewed, among these items we highlight:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Electrical locks;
  • Automatic gearbox / Dual gear;
  • Uconnect Touch 5 “Multimedia Center
  • Airbags;
  • Banks with regulation;
  • Bluetooth;
  • Holders;
  • On board computer.

Technical information of the new Punto 2023

We are still waiting for the release of the updated data sheet of Punto 2023 , but as it has not been announced we have brought some information already expected, see:

  • Engine: Engine 1.4, Engine 1.6, Engine 1.8;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 60 liters;
  • Luggage capacity: 280 liters;
  • Weight in running order: 1,142 kg;
  • Height: 1,499 mm;
  • Length: 4065 mm;
  • Axles: 2.510mm;
  • Width: 1.687mm.

Consumption of the new Punto 2023

The tests for consumption of Punto  are being performed by Inmetro and the average consumption expected for this Fiat launch is:

Engine 1.0 with gasoline

  • Average of 12.5 km / liter in the city and 15 km / liter on the highway.

Engine 1.8 with gasoline

  • Average of 9 km / liter in the city and 12.6km / liter on the highway.

As soon as new releases of Punto 2023 are released we will update more information, keep an eye!

Price of the new Punto 2023

The new price of Punto has not yet been confirmed, we will then check the current price of the model so that you can already have an idea about the adjustment:

  • Punto Attractive 1.4 FLEX: from $ 14400 ;
  • Punto Essence 1.6 16V FLEX: from $ 16100 ;
  • Point Essence Dualogic 1.6 16V FLEX: from $ 17200 ;
  • Punto Essence Blackmottion 1.8 16V FLEX: from $ 17800 ;
  • Point Blackmottion Dualogic 1.8 16V FLEX: from $ 18900 .

Check out even more photos of Fiat Punto remembering that we will update our post with more information of price, versions, consumption among other details as soon as they are released:

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