New Palio 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

With preference in its category the new Palio 2023 has been transformed. With the same platform, the vehicle will have new engines and components. Projects already announced affirm that the new Palio 2023 will, yes, adapt to other standards. 

New Palio 2023

The restyling of the new Palio 2023 is certain, as Fiat invested heavily in the X6 line, which comes in the place of well-known models.

With the X6 project completed, it is already known that other models will be out of line. Know which ones below.

The following shall be substituted:

  • Fiat Palio – X6H
  • Fiat Punto – X6H
  • Siena and Grand Siena – X6S

For now we do not know how these projects (X6H and X6S) will be baptized by the brand.

Modifications for the Fiat Palio 2023

The Fiat 2023 takes over the lines of the new project, built on its old platform and gradually regaining its consumers.

The new features for the XH6 replacement are:

  • 4 versions;
  • Manual and automatic transmission – 5 and 6 gears;
  • Star & Stop System;
  • 3 motorization options;
  • 1.0 of 3 cylinders- Firefly;
  • 1.3 of 4 cylinders- Firefly;
  • 1.8 – E-TorQ.

And others that the brand still does not divulge.

Items Added to New Palio 2023

See the list of items that are included in 2023:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Board computer B;
  • Radio, USB input;
  • Fog lights;
  • Double airbag;
  • Rearview mirror with Tilt Down system;
  • Electric Locks and Glass;
  • Brake light system;
  • Acceleration Control;
  • Steering wheel with radio buttons. Among other serial items that vary according to the versions.

New consumption Palio 2023

With the engine modifications and lines that facilitate the aerodynamics of the car, the improvement in fuel consumption for the new 2023 will be a differential both for the vehicle.

Compare the tests of the previous Palio version

Engine 1.0

City – 10km (G) / 7,5km (E)
Road – 13km (G) / 10km (E)

Engine 1.6

City -9.5km (G) / 6.9km (E)
Road – 13km (G) / 8,8 km (E)

Soon this information will be compared with the new tests. Wait.

Versions New Palio 2023

There will be 4 new versions for the model that will be the new 2023 , all based on the Palio.

Old versions:

  • Attractive 1.0 Evo Flex;
  • Attractive 1.4 Evo Flex;
  • Essence 1.6 16v Flex;
  • Sporting 1.6 16v Flex.

Prices new Fiat Palio 2023

Already with estimated price, Fiat offers its model repaginated from:

  • The most expensive version of the previous Fiat Palio cost the equivalent of $ 12250 , and the cheapest $ 15450 .

    Stay tuned and look forward to new information on the X6H project.

    * Fiat has not yet released the Fiat Palio 2023 price list, but we will be updating soon.

New Fiat Palio 2023

Images already released of the new Palio 2023 leave the greater notion of what comes around. Check out!

The look is more aggressive and modern. Flagras of Raimundo Couto, journalist in Jornal o Tempo, MG.

More photos, videos and tests you check out soon on the 2023 Cars blog!

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