New Palio 2023: Prices, Photos, Vectors, Engine, Consumption

There is great expectation for the new Palio 2023 . Fiat promises total restyling for this launch, in order to offer a lot of technology to its target audience, who are mostly simple people. Next, check out all the details of the new Palio 2023 !

New Palio 2023

Do you want to stay inside all the information regarding the new Palio 2023 ? So know that being in the place cero, because here we gather the main details of this new release of Fiat!

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New Palio 2023

Despite being a super simple car, the Palio is considered one of Fiat’s best selling vehicles. This is because it is a very practical model, and be among the vehicles of the category simple of the mark, with prices that fit in the pocket of the target public of Fiat.

In order to maintain this model in the US Europe automotive market, Fiat is finalizing the new generation of the Palio.

New Palio 2023

We can expect a lot of news in the new Palio 2023 , starting with its look that will come much more modern than its past versions. In addition, the model has a very attractive interior, with ample space, making the vehicle very comfortable for its users.

Competitors of the new Palio 2023

One of Palio’s main competitors is the Chevrolet Onix. That’s because this model comes even more equipped and with cutting-edge technology!

Available Colors

We are waiting for Fiat to comment on the colors that the new Palio 2023 will be available. Once we get this information, we will come back to update this post.

Currently, the model is being sold by US Europe dealers in the following colors:

  • White Banchisa;
  • Black Vulcano;
  • Alpine Red;
  • Silver Bari;
  • Black Vesuvius.

Items present in the new Palio 2023

In order to make the new Palio 2023 one of the best-selling brands of the brand, Fiat is investing heavily in the standard parts of this model.

We know that the model is not a car with a lot of technology and modernity, but the brand is studying every detail so that this generation continues with a good sale.

Here are the main suggested series items for the new Palio 2023 :

  • Air conditioning;
  • Board computer;
  • Radio;
  • USB port;
  • Fog lights;
  • Double airbag;
  • Rearview mirror with Tilt Down system;
  • Electric Locks and Glass;
  • Brake light system;
  • Acceleration Control;
  • Steering wheel with radio buttons;
  • Among others.

Average consumption of the new Palio 2023

Consumption tests are being carried out in the new Palio 2023 . While we await the release of the results, check what is expected for the economy of this model:

Engine 1.0

  • City – 10 km / liter with gasoline and 7.5 km / liter with ethanol;
  • Road – 13 km / liter with gasoline and 10 km / liter with ethanol.

Engine 1.6

  • City -9.5 km / liter with gasoline and 6.9 km / liter with ethanol;
  • Road – 13 km / liter with gasoline and 8.8 km / liter with ethanol.

Technical specifications of the new Fiat Palio

Check more details regarding the Fiat Palio:


  • Manual and automatic transmission – 5 and 6 gears;
  • Star & Stop System;
  • Engine 1.0 of 3 cylinders- Firefly;
  • Engine 1.3 of 4 cylinders- Firefly;
  • Engine 1.8 – E-TorQ.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Luggage compartment capacity: 280 liters;
  • Fuel tank: 48 liters;
  • Vehicle Length: 3875 mm;
  • Vehicle Width: 1670 mm;
  • Vehicle Height: 1504 mm;
  • Between-Shaft: 2420 mm;
  • Ground clearance: 147 mm.

Versions and prices of the new Palio 2023

We are waiting for the release of this information! Below, check out the suggested price list for the new Palio 2023 :

  • Attractive 1.0 Evo Flex: $ 12250 ;
  • Attractive 1.4 Evo Flex: $ 13280 ;
  • Essence 1.6 16v Flex: $ 14700 ;
  • Sporting 1.6 16v Flex: $ 15450 .

* Once we get this information, we will update this post again!

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