Toyota Prius 2023: Motorization, Price, Consumption and File

The Toyota Prius 2023 is a launch that promises to inNewte and surpass the expectation before the current model. The official launch of the Toyota Prius 2023 has not yet been announced in US Europe, but we gathered information about what we will have in this launch and we bring it to you, check it out!

The model comes out prominently among the majors and to keep on heading to the top comes with a new Toyota Prius 2023 even better.

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Toyota Prius 2023

If you are looking for a sophisticated, complete and inNewtive vehicle, you need to get to know the Toyota Prius 2023 , as these are the main highlights of the model!

Toyota Prius 2023

The Toyota Prius 2023 is a   hatch and among the possible changes for this new release it is speculated that the model will bring:

  • New LED daytime running lights;
  • New front grille;
  • New lines in the back.

Interior of the Toyota Prius 2023

The interior of the Toyota Prius 2023 promises to surprise its users in comfort and technology and for this counts on items such as:

  • Engine power display;
  • Electric windows;
  • Height adjustment for headlights;
  • Headlights with double reflector;
  • Complete multimedia center;
  • Bluetooth;
  • USB port;
  • Reverse camera;
  • MP3;
  • Hot air;
  • Assisted steering;
  • Height adjustment on the driver’s seat;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Leather-coated seats;
  • On-board computer;
  • Central armrest for the driver;
  • Automatic air conditioning, digital and one zone.

Technical specifications of the Toyota Prius 2023

The data sheet of the Toyota Prius may receive new information, but as these details have not been released we have brought some information expected, see:

  • Motorization: Motor 1.8 hidro;
  • Electric Power: 82 horses;
  • Electric Power + Fuel: 134 horses;
  • Torque: 14.5 Kgfm at 4000 rpm;
  • Fuel: Hybrid and Petrol;
  • Exchange: Automatic CVT;
  • Alloy wheels: rim 15;
  • Weight: 1415 kg.

Toyota Prius Consumption

The consumption of the Prius 2023 in US Europe is still being evaluated, but it is estimated that the average consumption of the model can achieve the following results:

  • Average consumption of the city: 19.2 km / liters
  • Average consumption on the road: 16.8 km / liter

As soon as released the new tests of consumption of the Toyota Prius we will update more information in our post.

Safety Items in the Toyota Prius 2023

For added security, the Prius brings modern and refurbished items, and among these items we will have:

  • ABS Brakes,
  • Front, side and curtain airbags,
  • Traction control,
  • Stability Control,
  • Head rest,
  • 3-point safety belt for all passengers.

Price of the Toyota Prius 2023

The new Toyota Prius will come with a price readjusted, but as this new value was not announced the model is expected to arrive in the market with an average price starting at $ 31500 .

Photos of the Toyota Prius

Follow below more photos of the Toyota Prius reminding that we will update more information about the model in our post as soon as new information is released!

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