New Corolla 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

A great novelty for car lovers! The new Corolla 2023 will soon arrive in US Europe presenting a modern and futuristic air, with right 16 “and 17” wheels and taillights. Follow the article today and check out all the changes brought to the national auto market with the new Corolla 2023 .

New Corolla 2023

The Japanese automaker introduced a few days first hand the facelift version of the top-selling sedan in Detroit in the United States and despite the great care not to leak photos of the new Corolla 2023 , we have gathered price information, standard items and versions for you to stay inside!

What will change in the New Corolla 2023?

Toyota, the model’s automaker will focus on modernism and optimization of connectivity systems.

New Corolla 2023

It is very likely that the new model will arrive first in the European and North American market, arriving in US Europe in the second half of 2017, more precisely at the end of the year.

Check out the main changes made so far on the new Corolla 2023 :

  • Horizontal strokes in front of the car;
  • New design for the optical assembly on the front;
  • Led lights on the taillights;
  • Chromed wheels and black part in the bottom;
  • Differentiated panel design;
  • New multimedia center.

There are still some rumors that Toyota will adopt a more youthful internal look, with the right sporting details. But this information has not yet been officialized.

Series present in the New Corolla 2023

Corolla carries the DNA of tradition and quality of the Japanese brand recognized worldwide. No wonder that the average sedan leader in the hanking of best sellers in US Europe and winner of several awards in its category. The new generation of the Corolla is without a doubt, a completão! Check out all the items in the new Corolla 2023 :

  • Foglamp;
  • 7 Air bags
  • LED daytime running light;
  • Windshield sunscreen;
  • Front parking sensor;
  • ABS and EBD brake;

  • Alloy wheel 16 “;
  • Stability control;
  • Portable cooler;
  • On-board computer with 8-inch touch screen;
  • Rear parking sensor.

Is it a super car or not? Liked? Call up the prices for each version of the new Corolla in the next few topics!

Average consumption of the New Corolla 2023

According to the data of the Inmetro, the Corolla 2023 presents very positive results. Becoming a great choice when it comes to value for money.

  • Engine 1.8 – 8.0 km / l with ethanol;
  • Engine 1.8 – 11.7 Km / l with gasoline;
  • Motor 2.0 – 7.8 Km / l with ethanol;
  • Engine 2.0 – 11.4 Km / l with gasoline.

The figures were quite similar when we rode in the city and on the highways, so we did not separate according to these criteria.

Prices and versions of the new Corolla 2023

The price of the new Corolla 2023 should cause a good readjustment in the line price list. For even though it is the best selling car in the world, the sedan has also been experiencing some financial crises.

Check the prices for each version:

  • Corolla 1.8 Dual VVT-i GLi (Flex) – $ 18780 ;
  • Corolla 1.8 Dual VVT GLi Multi-Drive (Flex) – $ 18870 ;
  • Corolla 1.8 GLi Upper Multi-Drive (Flex) – $ 24520 ;
  • Corolla 2.0 Altis Multi-Drive S (Flex) – $ 31000 ;
  • Corolla 2.0 XEi Multi-Drive S (Flex) – $ 26950 ;
  • Corolla 2.0 XRS Multi-Drive S (Flex) – $ 29380 .

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