Volkswagen Virtus 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

One of the most complete cars of the brand, the Volkswagen Virtus 2023 arrives in the US Europe market with even more technology and modernity, in order to be among the sales leaders of the category. Are you curious to know the new Volkswagen Virtus 2023 ? So keep following us!

Here in this post you will check all the information related to the Volkswagen Virtus 2023. Details of its datasheet, consumption, competitors and more!

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Volkswagen Virtus 2023

The Volkswagen Virtus 2023 is the newest launch of the German brand. Although it seems to have little time in the national market, the Virtus model is already well known by the US Europes.

This new generation is based on the Volkswagen Polo 6 hatchback with a new modular base MQB-AO platform.

Because of this change of platform, the model arrives even more spacious which made the car much more comfortable than its previous version. In addition, the Virtus 2023 is tougher.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023

One of the big news expected for this model, is its engine that arrives with TSi technology, offering 1.0L three-cylinder among the options.

Competitors of Volkswagen Virtus 2023

The SUV’s have been booming in recent days. Thanks to this, the compact sedan market also shakes again.

It is on the list of rivals of the Volkswagen Virtus 2023 :

  • Hyundai HB20S;
  • Nissan Versa;
  • Chevrolet Cobalt;
  • Honda City;
  • Ford New Fiesta.

Serial items present in the new Virtus 2023

If compared to other cars of the same category, the new Volkswagen Virtus 2023 offers a great list of standard items.

Next, check out their main equipment:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Adaptive cruise control;
  • Dual zone climate control;
  • Keyless access to the cabin;
  • Turbocharger starting / stopping system;
  • Parking system Semi-automatic Park Assist;
  • Automatic braking system in urban driving conditions with pedestrian detection;
  • Panoramic roof with hatch;
  • 4 security pillows and stabilization system;
  • Dashboard is conventional with pointers, a single or multi-media tape recorder with 6.5-inch screen;
  • Among others.

Volkswagen Virtus 2023 datasheet

It is through the technical sheet of any vehicle that customers and users are aware of even more details present in it. In this document, information about your powertrain, dimensions, capacities and chassis is provided.

Regarding the technical specifications of the new Volkswagen Virtus 2023 , no information was disclosed by the manufacturer brand.

While the disclosure does not occur, check below the technical file of the current model:


Engine 1.6 16V of 110 hp with gasoline and 117 hp with alcohol. Always associated with the 5-speed manual gearbox.

  • Maximum speed (km / hour) – 193;
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h (seconds) – 9.6.

Engine 1.0 TSi turbo of 116 hp with gasoline and 128 hp with alcohol. Always associated with the automatic 6-speed gearbox.

  • Maximum speed (km / hour) – 192;
  • Acceleration 0-100 km / h (seconds) – 9.6.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length (mm) – 4482;
  • Width (mm) – 1751;
  • Height (mm) – 1472;
  • Between-axes (mm) – 2651;
  • Turning diameter (mm) – 10900;
  • Fuel tank capacity (liters) – 52;
  • Capacity of the trunk (liters) – 521;
  • Gross weight (kg) – 1620;
  • Net weight in running order (kg) – 1192;
  • Payload (kg) – 428;
  • Occupants – 5.

* Once we get this information, we will update this post again!

How much is the Volkswagen Virtus 2023?

The price of the new Volkswagen Virtus 2023 has not yet been disclosed by the German brand. According to information, the model will cost between $ 16 thousand and $ 21 thousand.

Here is the suggested price list:

  • Virtus 1.6 MSI TOTAL FLEX MANUAL: $ 15900 ;
  • Virtus 1.0 200 TSI COMFORTLINE AUTOMATIC: $ 19500 ;
  • Virtus 1.0 200 TSI HIGHLINE AUTOMATIC: $ 21300 .

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