New Virtus 2023: Fact Sheet, Photos, Consumption and Prices

The new Virtus 2023 has gained another highlight in recent times. In May 2019 participated in the ranking of the best selling vehicles in the country. Getting ahead of even the Ford Ka. But, what does the new Virtus 2023 have to offer to be so successful? A respectful sedan suitable for both families and those who value style.

New Virtus 2023

The New Model Volkswagen Virtus can be considered with a new car. Launched in January 2018 in the USA Europe market, the car is an extension of the Polo. Another successful model from the manufacturer.

New Virtus 2023

The main focus was on comfort for both driver and passenger, and the engine’s MSI and TSI technology. Power sources that produce light starts and smooth gear shifting.

The versions have manual exchange in the basic and automatic in the others. And an interesting differential is the steering wheel shift shift, called shift paddles.

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On the TSI model, four-wheel disc brakes improve performance, and give more resistance in a lowering, for example.

Not to mention the interior of the New Virtus 2023 which also categorizes it as one of the most technological cars in its segment. In the dealership, the consumer finds versions such as:

  • Virtus 1.6 MSI;
  • Virtus Comfortline 200 TSI;
  • Virtus Highline 200 TSI.

New Virtus 2023 Series Items

Some features and new Virtus 2023 series items are individual. That is, produced and installed in their specific versions. Others are part of all models sold, and follow the standard.

Below you will find out what you can find on all models and what the manufacturer has set apart for each version. Let’s start with the general items:

  • 10.25 inch digital panel. With navigation shown in 2D or 3D;
  • Reverse camera with switching assistant;
  • Air conditioning types adjust the intensity according to the set temperature;
  • Park Pilot: Parking Sensor;
  • Mobile holder on the panel;
  • Front and side airbags;
  • Fatigue sensor: Determining whether or not the conductor is dispersed. If so, it gives an alert signal to stop and rest;
  • LED headlights;
  • Automatic collision braking system.

Main compositions of each version:

1.6 MSI:

  • Easy drive – electric steering;
  • Air conditioning with dust and pollen filter;
  • Child seat attachment with ISOFIX® / Top tether system;
  • “Media Plus” infotainment system with AM / FM radio, bluetooth, MP3 player and USB, SD-card and AUX-IN inputs.

Comfortline 200 MSI:

  • Hill Hold Control (HHC) – uphill / uphill assistant;
  • “I-System” – on-board computer;
  • Park pilot – rear parking sensors;
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control (ASR) and Electronic Differential Lock (EDS).

Highline 200 MSI:

  • “Kessy” – access to the vehicle without using the engine start key and button;
  • “Autopilot” – automatic speed control;
  • “Climatronic” digital air conditioner with dust and pollen filter;
  • LED daytime running light next to fog lights.

New Virtus 2023 Datasheet

By accessing information from the new Virtus 2023 datasheet the consumer can get a broader idea about car mechanics.

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Considering performance, power and vehicle performance. The analysis below is from version 1.6 flex model:


  • Motorization: 1.6;
  • Power: 117 hp alcohol / 110 hp gasoline;
  • Torque: 16.5 kgf.m alcohol / 15.9 kgf.m gasoline;
  • Top speed: 195 km / h alcohol / 189 km / h petrol;
  • Traction: front;
  • Direction: Electric;
  • Front suspension: McPherson-type front suspension with anti-roll bar, independent type wheel and coil springs;
  • Rear suspension: Torsion axle suspension, semi-independent wheel type and coil springs.


  • Height: 1,472 mm;
  • Width: 1,751 mm;
  • Length: 4,482 mm;
  • Weight: 1,139 KG;
  • Tank: 52 L;
  • Trunk: 521 L.

Virtus 2023 new consumption

With an aggressive design car with a sporty mix, no one will want to stay at home. Although the engine is powerful, especially for the Comfotline and Highline versions, the technology allows for economy.

The new Virtus 2023 consumption for its most basic version, 1.6 is:

  • Fuel consumption: 9.5 km / l with ethanol and 13.9 km / l in gasoline.

Value of the new Virtus 2023 versions

Each model has its specific price. In addition to the list below, with the value of the new versions Virtus 2023 . The consumer may include other items in the chosen model, which should increase the amount.

  • Virtus 1.6 MSI: Starting at $ 14200;
  • Virtus 200 TSI COMFORTLINE: Starting at $ 17500;
  • Virtus 1.0 TSI HIGHLINE: Starting at $ 19000.

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