New Beetle 2023: Prices, Photos, Vectors, Engine, Consumption

The car model that has been going through generations! The new Beetle 2023 will be released soon and will have several new features in its series, in addition to an even more modern look. Want to know more about the new Beetle 2023 ? So keep following us!

See details of the new Beetle 2023

The Beetle is a very old car model, accompanying generations and more generations. Since its first version, the Beetle is well sold. However, over the years and with the entry of new vehicles in the market, the sales volume of this model has been decreasing and may even go out of line.

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Despite being a simple vehicle, without many technologies, the new Beetle 2023 reaches the most modern automotive market with a restyled look.

New Beetle 2023

Your style should continue the same, however some changes will be made. One of your major will be in comfort, technology and power. In addition, the new Beetle 2023 will offer its users a lot of safety, coming equipped with the ISOFIX system, which is the increase in safety for child seats.

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Serial items found on the new Beetle 2023

The standard items present in a vehicle is of utmost importance because it is through it that we can check the level of technology of the same. Every driver looks for a car that features technological items.

As incredible as it may seem, in the new Beetle 2023 its users will be able to find modernity and technology in it.

The following are the main serial items found in the model:

  • Automatic and digital air conditioning;
  • Automatic speed control, traction control and stability;
  • ISOFIX system (for infant seats);
  • Departure from ramps;
  • 6-speed automatic gearbox;
  • 4 Airbags;
  • Sky View panoramic sunroof;
  • ABS / EBD / EDL brake system;
  • Infotainment system “Composition Media” with radio CD-Player, touchscreen of 5.8 ?, bluetooth, SD-Card and App-Connect.

Average consumption of the new VW Beetle 2023

One of the most important and sought after by those who wish to buy a vehicle, is their average consumption, after all, any driver wants an economical car.

So far no information on the consumption of the new Beetle 2023 has been released. Once we get this information, we will update this post again.

If there is not much change as regards the motorization of the new Beetle 2023, it is likely that its average consumption is equal to or almost equal to the model that had previously been launched by the brand.

The current model has average consumption:

  • 8.5 km / l in urban environments;
  • 11 km / l on the roads.

Technical specifications of the new Beetle 2023

Want to check out even more details of the VW Beetle 2023 ? This will only be possible through the datasheet. Through this document, customers and users become aware of more information related to the vehicle in question.

However, the datasheet of the Beetle 2023 has not yet been disclosed. Next, check out the details of the current model:

  • Engine: 2.0;
  • Transmission: Dual sequential manual clutch with 7-speed automatic mode;
  • Acceleration (0 to 100km / h): 7.3 s;
  • Maximum Speed ​​(km / h): 238;
  • Displacement (cm3): 1984;
  • Power (cv): 211;
  • Torque (kgfm): 28.6;
  • Brakes: four disc brakes with two ventilated discs;
  • Length: 4278 mm;
  • Width: 1808 mm;
  • Height: 1486 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 2537 mm;
  • Weight: 1364 kg;
  • Carrying Case (L): 310;
  • Direction: Electrical;
  • Fuel tank: 55 L.

Versions and price of the Beetle 2023

Volkswagen has not yet released the price list with the respective versions of the new Beetle 2023 . While we do not have this information, you can check the value of the current model:

  • New Beetle 2023: $ 33500 ;
  • New Beetle Convertible 2023: $ 44000 .

Remembering that there will be price adjustments! Once we get this and other information, we’ll be updating this article again.

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