Fiat Toro 2023: Prices, Photos, Vectors, Engine, Consumption

The featured Fiat pickup should receive optimizations on its Fiat Toro 2023 model, but lose some features. The information on the site of the automaker already establish engines for this year and an entry version, without much euphoria the line 2023 has already been released. But in any case, regardless of the time you buy one of the most charming and modern pickups like the Fiat Toro 2023 is an excellent purchase.

Features Fiat Toro 2023

Launched in 2016, the Fiat Tora is already the second best selling truck in US Europe, but this should not be new, because like any launch this was one of the cars that most caught the attention in the market.

➤ See also the novelties of the models:

Medium-sized, not as tall as a Toyota Hylux or Mitsubishi L200, and not as low with a VW Saveiro or Chevrolet Montana. The design and inNewtive housing was one of the great influencers in the model’s success.

The most relevant Fiat Toro 2023 features are:

  • Lighthouse with DRL system;
  • Double back cover;
  • Electric sunroof;
  • Sea cap;
  • Stirrup;
  • Wheels 17 “;
  • Flywheel with levers;
  • Mopar Custom Shop Audio Kit: with 6.2 “screen, AM / FM radio, MP3 Player, Bluetooth, Reverse Camera, steering wheel controls, Digital TV and more;
  • Electric rearview mirrors with memory;
  • Multifunctional switch;
  • Intelligent headlights;
  • 7 Airbag;
  • Multilink suspension.

Fiat Toro 2023Fiat Toro 2023

Fiat Toro 2023 Engine

The novelty for the 2023 model is the extinction of the manual gearbox, now all powers and engines have a 6-speed automatic gearbox for the flex engine and 9 gears for fuel disel. In all, there are 6 versions, starting with 1.8-liter engine up to 2.4-flex and 2.0-diesel.

The engine of Fiat Toro that already carries in its disclosures the surname “2023”, stays with the average like this:

  • Engine 1.8 flex develops up to 139 horses, while the 2.4 yields 186 hp and the 2.0 diesel delivers 170 hp.

Technical specifications Fiat Toro 2023

Some specific points about the car are often not remembered, but are exposed in the Fiat Toro 2023 datasheet .

Dimensions and External:
  • BETWEEN AXLES (MM): 2.990;
  • SOIL HEIGHT (MM): Ant. 206.5 / Post 251.2;
  • VEHICLE HEIGHT (MM): 1,735;
  • VEHICLE LENGTH (MM): 4.915;
  • VEHICLE WIDTH (MM): 1.844.



Vehicle weight:



  • MAXIMUM POWER (CV): 135.0 (G) / 139.0 (E);
  • TOTAL CYLINDER (CC): 1,747 cm³;
  • MAXIMUM TORQUE (KGF.M): 18.76 (G) / 19.27 (E) at 3750 rpm.

Toro Consumption 2023

Even if the model is modernizing to become effective as Fiat Toro , the average consumption should continue the same as previous versions. Usually this is not a very frequent concern among manufacturers. And because Toro’s power is one of the most well-rated, consumption can be very strong.

1.8 FLEX Automatic:

  • Fuel consumption (INMETRO)
    Urban cycle (city): 8.3 km / l;
    Road cycle (road): 10.5 km / l.
  • Ethanol consumption (INMETRO)
    Urban cycle (city): 5.8 Km / l;
    Road cycle (road): 7.4 km / l.

2.0 Multijet Diesel :

  • Diesel consumption (Car and Driver data):
    Urban cycle (city): 13.5 km / l;
    Road cycle (road): 19.9 km / l.

Price Fiat Toro 2023

According to its 6 complete versions, the price of Fiat Toro 2023 should not run away from what consumers are already accustomed to. The novelty is an entry version, named Endurance. The values ​​should look like this:

  • Toro Freedom 1.8 Automatic 4 × 2 (Flex): $ 22500 ;
  • Toro Freedom Opening Edition 1.8 Automatic 4 × 2 (Flex): $ 22800 ;
  • Toro Freedom 2.0 diesel Manual 4 × 2: $ 26700 ;
  • Toro Freedom 2.0 diesel Manual 4 × 4: $ 29000 ;
  • Toro Volcano 2.0 diesel Automatic 4 × 4: $ 33700 .

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