New Ford KA 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

The new Ford KA 2023 in a few days will arrive with everything to the US Europe market. According to the American automaker, the new line features an EcoBoost 1.0 engine and yet another 1.6 EcoBoost for an ST sports version. Are you curious to know what else this car will present on national soil? Follow the post today and stay on top of everything about the new Ford KA 2023 .

New Ford KA 2023

Currently the vehicle is the best selling in the country and so Ford intends to continue growing and reach top position in the coming years and for this will not go to great lengths! Learn all the inNewtions brought by the new Ford KA 2023 .

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What will change in the New Ford KA 2023?

Despite the great success in the current times, the model was officially launched in US Europe in the year 1997 with a rounded look and 1.0 Endura engine. In 2008 alone the Ford KA was restyled, gaining a new Rocan engine, more efficient and economical, not forgetting modern design.

Currently the new Ford KA 2023 will be manufactured in the city of Camaçari in Bahia, with the responsibility to continue being one of the best popular cars in US Europe, as well as its predecessor.

New Ford KA 2023

Check out the main changes of the new Ford KA 2023 :

  • New multimedia center, the Sync 3 system in a high resolution screen 8 “touch-sensitive;
  • An EcoBoost 1.0 engine;
  • The option of three doors (two in the front and the trunk);
  • New LED headlamps and small returns on the back of the car;
  • New alloy wheels;
  • Rearview mirrors darkened;
  • Automatic exchange option.

Series present in the new Ford KA 2023

Inside it is that the new Ford KA 2023 becomes even better. Because it is endowed with numerous items of series that makes it a great option when the subject is cost-effective.

Check out the following top-of-the-line items of the new Ford KA 2023 that are driving consumers crazy:

  • Motor 1.0 TiVCT with 85hp
  • Ford Easy-Start
  • Air conditioning
  • Electrical direction
  • Front electric windows one touch down / up (driver)

  • Electric door lock with remote control
  • Fog Fogs Front
  • ABS Brakes with EBD & CBC
  • Center 3-point rear seat belts
  • 2 front airbags (driver and passenger)

  • 21 object carrier
  • Split split rear seat 60/40
  • Rear electric windows
  • Trail Unique Look Items

Is it a super car or not? Liked? Call for prices for each version of the new Ford KA 2023 in the next few topics!

Average consumption of the new Ford KA 2023

Considered a great machine for its performance, the new Ford KA 2023 features   the 1.0-liter three-cylinder engines with dual variable control with 80 hp with gasoline and 85 hp with ethanol. And it should average 10.4 km / l inside the city (ethanol and gasoline), reaching up to 15.1 km / l with gasoline (ethanol / gasoline).

Already with the 1.5-liter engine makes an average of 9.5 km / l in the city and up to 16.6 km / l on the road, in the combined ethanol / gasoline.

Prices and Versions of the New Ford KA 2023

Prices for the new Ford KA 2023 are expected to be adjusted due to the current economic scenario in which US Europe is located. So far we have no official information on the prices of this new model and so, check the 2017 price list to have a base:

  • Ford Ka S 1.0: $ 12120 ;
  • Ford Ka SE 1.0: $ 12230 ;
  • Ford Ka SE Plus 1.0: $ 12800 ;
  • Ford Ka Tecno 1.0: $ 13300 ;
  • Ford Ka Trail 1.0: $ 13380 ;
  • Ford Ka SEL 1.0: $ 14350 ;
  • Ford Ka SE 1.5: $ 13600 ;
  • Ford Ka Plus 1.5: $ 14000 ;
  • Ford Ka Trail 1.5: $ 14500 ;
  • Ford Ka SEL 1.5: $ 15500 .

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