Ford EcoSport 2023: Specifications, Specifications, Versions, Consumables

The new Ford EcoSport 2023 is already being sold by US Europe dealers. This new generation EcoSport presents several new features, both inside and outside. To check all the details of the Ford EcoSport 2023 , just follow us!

Ford EcoSport 2023

Full of style and personality, the Ford EcoSport 2023 is a popular vehicle for lovers of this category. This is due to the large number of standard items, all of which are state-of-the-art, offering plenty of safety, comfort, economy and stability.

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One of its great news is its newest price, which is now costing $ 1,300.00 cheaper. However, with these adjustments the vehicle has lost some essential equipment, such as the seven airbags as standard, which now appears only in the most expensive versions.

Ford EcoSport 2023

Visually, it is distinguished by the stickers on the hood and sides, the unique bumpers, the 17-inch wheels and Storm inscriptions on the grille and the cover of the steppe. Inside, there are orange details, with the whole cabin black. The engine and equipment are based on the Titanium configuration.

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Available Colors Ford EcoSport

Check below the colors in which you can find the Ford EcoSport 2023 :

  • Belize Blue;
  • White Arctic;
  • Arpoador Red;
  • Silver Dublin;
  • Black Bristol.

Standard items present in the Ford EcoSport 2023

The new 2023 model comes equipped with a variety of safety, comfort, economy and stability items, all to make the model one of the top sales leaders in the category.

This new generation EcoSport has:

  • Anti-rollover Stability Control (ROM);
  • External rearview mirrors with steering indicator;
  • Wheel Lightweight Alloy 15¨;
  • Sync ® 3;
  • Multifunction touchscreen LCD screen in center panel 6.5¨;
  • Leather-wrapped steering wheel;
  • Automatic pilot;
  • 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift gears on the steering wheel;

  • Automatic and digital air conditioning;
  • Leather and fabric covered seats;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Automatic pilot;
  • Light Wheel Alloy 16¨;
  • Navigation system;
  • Multifunction touchscreen LCD screen on 8¨ center panel.
  • 6-speed automatic transmission with manual shift gears on the steering wheel;
  • Among other items.

Ford EcoSport 2023 datasheet

Through the datasheet of the Ford EcoSport 2023 you can thoroughly check all the details of this vehicle. It is in this document that the brand manufacturer discloses the motorization of the model, dimensions, capacities, chassis and among other information.

See below for the key information contained in the Ford EcoSport datasheet:


  • Engine 1.5 flex of 137 hp with alcohol and 130 hp with gasoline. It can be combined with the 5-speed manual or automatic gearbox with 6-speed manual mode. Depending on the version;
  • Engine 2.0 flex of 176 hp with alcohol and 170 hp with gasoline. Always associated with automatic gearbox with 6-speed manual mode.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Wheelbase (mm) 2521;
  • Height (mm) 1696
  • Length (mm) 4241
  • Width with mirrors (mm) 2057
  • Between-axes (mm) 2521;
  • Total gross weight (kg) 1676;
  • Fuel tank capacity (L) 52;
  • Capacity of the trunk (L) 362.

Average consumption of the Ford EcoSport 2023

Next, check out the fuel consumption of the Ford EcoSport 2023 :

  • Ford EcoSport 2023 running in the city: 7.1 km / l fueled with alcohol and 10.4 km / l fueled with gasoline;
  • Ford EcoSport 2023 running on the road: 8.9 km / l fueled with alcohol and 12.8 km / l fueled with gasoline.

Ford EcoSport 2023 Versions and Pricing

Now that you are already inside all the information of the Ford EcoSport 2023 , it is time to check how much each version is costing. Look!

  • Ecosport 1.6 SE flex for $ 19400 ;
  • Ecosport 1.6 SE DIRECT PowerShift for $ 18600 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 SE PowerShift for $ 21000 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 Freestyle flex for $ 21400 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 Freestyle Powershift for $ 22800 ;
  • EcoSport 1.6 Freestyle Plus Powershift for $ 23800 ;
  • EcoSport 2.0 Freestyle 4 × 4 for $ 24300 ;
  • EcoSport 2.0 Titanium PowerShift for $ 25600 .

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