New Ranger 2023: Prices, Photos, Wallpapers, Consume, Design

The new Ranger 2023 is a pickup truck show, with upgraded and refined items, promises to be much more complete and speedier than the latest Ford launch. Here you will know firsthand the versions, prices, consumption and the like. Check out the news of the new Ranger 2023 .

Features of the 2023 New Ranger

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The new Ranger 2023 will have a more robust exterior design, its new front will have a new design with a new style bumper, new LED headlamps and front fog lights, and 17 and 18 alloy wheels, the its new interior design will have an 8-inch LCD touch screen in the center of the panel and its leather-clad upholstery and 7 front, side and knee airbags for greater driver protection.

New Ranger 2023

Top Ranger 2023 Series Items

With all this equipment the new Ranger is judging the nickname that Ford has called this new generation ” strong race “. Check below the main items of the new Ranger 2023 that will make all the difference in this car:

  • Electrical direction;
  • Collision warning;
  • Steering wheel height adjustment;
  • Adaptive autopilot;
  • Steering wheel audio controls;
  • Band stay system;
  • Lumbar adjustment of the driver’s seat;
  • Driver seat height adjustment;

  • On-board computer on touch screen;
  • Control panel light intensity;
  • External mirrors with electric adjustment;
  • Electronic stability and traction control;
  • Anti-rollover Stability Control;
  • Voice commands with audio and telephone functions;
  • Manual shift – 5 and 6 gear;
  • Automatic transmission – 6 speeds;
  • Wiper wiper with timer and variable speed;
  • Warning of use of the seat belt (for driver and passenger).

New Ranger Consumption 2023

The New Ranger 2023 is better equipped and thus provides more safety, performance and better consumption.

Check out the fuel consumption of the truck running on the road and within the city depending on the version you choose from the 2023 Ranger.

  • Diesel -10.1 km / l in the city and 10.4 km / l on the highway at top speed;
  • Gasoline – 10.1 km / l in the city and 10.4 km / l at top speed;
  • Ethanol – 10.1 km / l in the city and 10.4 km / l on the road at top speed.

Motoring the new Ranger 2023

The new Ranger 2023 promises to run on the roads of our US Europe, even more powerful with engines that will reach 5 cylinders and transmission of sprung up to 10 speeds, in the most complete versions of this new generation.

Check out the power in the engines of the new Ranger 2023 :

  • 3.2L Duratorq diesel engine – 200 horsepower;
  • 2.2L Duratorq diesel engine – 160 horsepower;
  • 2.5L Duratec iVCT engine – power 173 horsepower.

Ford Ranger Technical Sheet

Ford upgraded the Ranger 2023, produced it at a significant distance to better accommodate the 5 passengers and their luggage, let alone the bulk-filled bucket. Check below the technical file of this new generation Raça Forte:

  • Vehicle height (mm) – 1821 mm;
  • Bucket height (mm) – 511 mm;
  • Load capacity (kg) – 1084 kg;
  • Maximum towing capacity with brake (kg) – 2750 kg;
  • Maximum towing capacity without brake (kg) – 750 kg;
  • Length of vehicle (mm)   5354 mm;
  • Distance between axles (mm) – 3220 mm ;
  • Bucket width (mm) – 1560 mm ;
  • Total gross weight (kg) – 3200 kg;
  • Bucket volume – 1180 liters;
  • Tank capacities – 80 liters.

New Ranger 2023 Prices

  • XLS 2.5 Flex – MT – * $ 30000;

* The Ranger values ​​should be further adjusted, so be aware of more updates.

Photos of the New Ranger 2023

See the Ford Ranger 2023, this new generation of Ranger is to let car fans want to go to the nearest dealership to choose and buy their new version as fast as possible.

Let’s take a look at these versions that Ford has prepared for us:

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