Ford Fiesta 2023: Price, Photo, Pictures and Images

For the relief of vehicle lovers, Ford has decided to anticipate the launch of the Ford Fiesta 2023 and despite the few changes, the model will come to the country with more modern features. Check out all the details of the Ford Fiesta 2023 therefore, one of the great promises of the line is to meet the most demanding customer needs.

Ford Fiesta 2023

With the passing of days, the brand will release more complete information about the Ford Fiesta 2023 , but so far, we’ve put together some facts that will interest you about this new line.

What will change in the Ford Fiesta 2023?

InNewtion. This is the word that defines the New Fiesta. The model has been sold in US Europe since 1996, but to stay in a place where the national sales are disputed, it is undergoing restyling both in the body and in the mechanical part and the results of the sales were positive for the automaker.

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Ford Fiesta 2023

In 2023, the Ford Fiesta is called the New Fiesta and the changes do not stop there! Check out the main novelties present in the Ford Fiesta 2023 :

Ford Fiesta 2023
Length 4.04 m
Width 1.73 m
Height 1.48 m
Between-Axes 2.49 m
Weight 1105 Kg
Luggage compartment capacity 281 L
Fuel tank capacity 51 L

In addition, The New Fiesta brings the EcoBoost version, with the 1.0 engine. This technology allows the car to perform better at the same time that it consumes less fuel and emits less polluting gases.

Something that is not yet effectively confirmed, is the improvement in the cabin and also mechanical improvements especially in the section of the safety and engines. We will confirm this information soon!

What are the Series Items on the New Fiesta?

At New Fiesta you will find design with strong personality. The model harmonizes sturdiness and sophistication, available with 15 “and 16” rim wheels.

Also, check out which are the standard items present in the Ford Fiesta 2023 :

  • 7 Airbags;
  • Foglamp;
  • Leather seat;
  • Electronic Stability and Traction Control;
  • Ramp Departure Assistance (HLA);
  • Parking Sensor;
  • Global Closing Alarm;
  • ISOFIX child seats;
  • Media System;
  • AppLink Technology;

These and many other items, make up the seventh generation of the model in the country!

Average Fiesta consumption

According to information from Inmetro, the Ford Fiesta 2023 features 8.7 km / l with alcohol in the city and 12.3 km / l on the road with alcohol.

When supplied with gasoline, the model has 12.2 Km / L in the city and 15.3 Km / L on the highway.

Prices evions of the New Ford Fiesta 2023

Because of optimizations made on the New Fiesta line, your table prices will increase. Currently the model is sold in several versions, each one has its own accessories and therefore the prices are different, check:

  • Ford New Fiesta SE 1.6: from $ 15350 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SE Style 1.6 from $ 16100 ;
  • Ford Fiesta SE Plus 1.6 AT from $ 16900 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL 1.6 from $ 16550 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL 1.6 AT from $ 17700 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta SEL Style Ecoboost AT from $ 18900 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta Titanium 1.6 AT from $ 19300 ;
  • Ford New Fiesta Titanium Plus 1.6 AT from $ 20350 .

What did you think of the Ford Fiesta 2023 ? In a few days, we will add new information about the line!

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