New Beetle 2023: Prices, Photos and Technical Info

The classic never goes out of style and in the case of the new Beetle 2023, your legacy will not be forgotten soon! The best known car in US Europe is very close to reaching the market with a new generation produced by the automaker Volkswagen, but we can already advance some information about it.

Are you curious? Follow the article we prepared on the new Beetle 2023 and all its details! Since 1995 the model has been part of the lives of more than 5 million drivers. See below for technical information, prices and stock items in the new Beetle 2023. The German automaker bets on technology and comfort to further conquer the country, check it out!

What will change in the New Beetle 2023?

For some time Volkswagen has been planning a new generation of the Beetle for the world market and despite the high risk of the model to go out of line, the international press is quite divided.

While the automaker does not give an official opinion, other speculations take into account that the new Beetle 2023will be marketed and starting with the design, the model does not leave anything to be desired! Modern and with the most lowered roof, the car still rear LED daytime, sunroof and alloy wheels rim 17.

The inner part draws attention to the large number of details, such as the speedometer panel larger than the average of the other current models, reminiscent of the old fusca style. In addition, leather seat trim, multifunction sports steering wheel, automatic transmission and new multimedia center are proof that the Volkswagen carmaker is not for fun!

What are the standard items on the 2023 New Beetle?

Due to its very salty price, the new Beetle 2023 needs to compensate in its set of items, since only this will have a pleasant cost benefit for its consumers.

For you to stay inside the New Beetle series items, follow the listing below:

  • Automatic and digital air conditioning;
  • Automatic speed control, traction control and stability;
  • ISOFIX system (for infant seats);
  • Departure from ramps;
  • 6-speed automatic gearbox;
  • 4 Airbags;
  • Sky View panoramic sunroof;
  • ABS / EBD / EDL brake system;
  • Infotainment system “Composition Media” with radio CD-Player, touchscreen of 5.8 ?, bluetooth, SD-Card and App-Connect.

New Beetle 2023 and its consumption

The new 2023 fusca has a 2.0 TSi engine of 211 horsepower and 28.6 Kgfm at 2000 rpm, which is a strong engine and good pickups. However, its supply is only for gasoline, where its average consumption is 8.5km / l in urban environments and 11km / l on the roads.

Prices and versions of the New Beetle 2023

Whenever a model goes through restyling, prices need to increase and this is nothing new for anyone, and if it is the new 2023 fusca will not be different! The model is sold in two versions. Check now what will be the price of each:

  • New Beetle 2023: $ 33300
  • New Beetle Convertible 2023: $ 44700

What do you think about the new fusca 2023 versions? Leave your comment below! As soon as the 2023 cars have new information about the model, we will add to the post.

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