New Amarok 2023: Prices, Photos and Technical Info

Curious to meet the new Amarok 2023 ? According to information from Volkswagen, the next generation of the line will present a new V6 3.0 engine driven by gasoline to increase its competitiveness among the other pickups sold in the national automotive market. In addition, the new Amarok 2023 will undergo profound changes in its series items, check it out!

Despite the numerous rumors surrounding the launch of the new Amarok 2023 , we gathered only the official information as well as experts in the subject, so you always have the best content on the news of the vehicle.

What will change in New Amarok 2023?

Despite having sold nearly 9,000 units in 2016 alone, Volkswagen will focus on major changes to make the new Amarok 2023 a real success among US Europe consumers.

The pickup that arrived in the country in the year 2010, in fact is produced by our Argentine brothers and until its last generation, did not bring many inNewtions, except for the exchange of 8 speeds in the most expensive versions.

New Amarok 2023

In line 2023 we should not have aesthetic changes, but certainly a number of new items, to promote a higher cost-benefit for consumers. Learn about the next generation of Amarok in its next generation:

  • 3.0 V6 engine of 6 cylinders with up to 224 horsepower;
  • New electronically assisted steering;
  • Recalibration in the system of brakes of the car;
  • 16 “, 17”, 18 “, 19” or 20 “alloy wheels according to the chosen version.

What are the standard items present in New Amarok 2023?

To compete with the Toyota Hilux and the Chevrolet S10, Volkswagen bets heavily on the new series. Therefore, the new Amarok 2023 will come from the factory with the following items:

  • Infotainment system, allowing the mirroring of smartphones with the platforms MirrorLink, Google Android Auto and Apple Carplay;
  • Post-Collision Braking Brakes,
  • Off-road ABS brakes;
  • ISOFIX systems;
  • BAS (Braking Assist System);
  • ASR (Traction Control);
  • EDS (Electronic Differential Lock);
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC);
  • HDC (Hill Descent Control or Automatic Descent Control);
  • HSA (Hill Start Assist);
  • Post Collision Breaking Brake System (post-collision braking).

Amarock will also bring ErgoComfort certified power seats and the unprecedented tire pressure drop indicator, which alerts the driver if the level is too low, providing more safety to all passengers at the time of travel.

Average consumption of the new Amarok 2023

According to data from Inmetro, if the new V6 engine is not presented in the new Amarok 2023 the average can be around 8.5 km / l inside the city and can reach up to 9.3 km / l running on the road with the current 2.0 turbodiesel engine.

If you want an economical pickup, the Amarock 2017 generation should not be an option, as it received only a “C” rating within the vehicle labeling program when compared to its market competitors. Therefore, we will all await the new results, taking into account the changes brought by the next generation.

Amarok 2023 prices and versions

Because of the new series items and the much-anticipated 3.0-liter petrol engine, the price of the new Amarok 2023 is expected to go through a readjustment in its US Europe price list. Check out:

  • Amarok S 2.0 TDI single turbo diesel cabin: $ 31780 ;
  • Amarok S 2.0 TDI dual turbo diesel cabin: $ 35800 ;
  • Amarok SE 2.0 TDI biturbo diesel: $ 38250 ;
  • Amarok Trendline 2.0 TDI biturbo diesel: $ 42750.

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