New Cobalt 2023: Prices, Photos and Technical Info

Despite the great wait for the new Cobalt 2023 , the Chevrolet automaker’s promise is a few aesthetic changes in the vehicle, but on the other hand, will bet on new items to win even more consumers in the domestic auto market. Curious to know details of the new Cobalt 2023 ? Follow the article we have prepared with lots of photos and information about the new model!

In line 2017 GM gave a little “pat” on the car, improving the mechanical part compared to its predecessor, but leaving much to be desired in its finish. That’s why the new Cobalt 2023 comes with a great responsibility: Be even better when it comes to cost-effectiveness!

New Cobalt 2023

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What will change in the New Cobalt 2023?

Launched in the North American market in 2004, the Chevrolet Cobalt only arrived in US Europe in 2011, being the first car of the brand mounted under the GSV (Global Small Vehicle) platform of GM.

However, the brand did not stay in time and continues to renew its models. Currently the model occupies the 7th position in the sales ranking, within the segment of compact sedans and to improve its performance, the new Cobalt 2023 brings the following changes:

  • Recalibration in the mechanical part, receiving the engine 1.8 of the ECO generation;
  • The addition of the famous LED headlamps;
  • Increased internal space, providing even greater comfort for passengers;
  • Luggage space provided by the 563-liter trunk.

What are the standard items present in the New Cobalt 2023?

One of the novelties of the Cobalt 2023 is the farewell to the 1.4-liter engine and the versions with a list price below 60 thousand reais. From now on, the model will only be available in the finishing versions LTZ 1.8 and Elite 1.8, this second with premium finish.

Among its main serial items in the most complete Elite version, we can highlight:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Electrical direction;
  • Leather armrests and backrests with bi-colored premium coating;
  • Flywheels;
  • Chromed sides;
  • Rain sensor and 15-inch rim aluminum wheels with unique design;
  • Automatic or manual six-speed gearbox;
  • InNewtive OnStar location system;
  • Mylink multimedia center, with 7-inch LCD touch screen, allowing connection with Android Auto and Apple Car Play.

New Cobalt 2023 and its consumption

The new Cobalt 2023 is more powerful than the previous, gaining more torque, but works at a lower speed, which ends up reducing the average fuel consumption of the car.

Equipped with a 1.8-liter engine and six-speed manual transmission, the Cobalt 2023 ‘s fuel consumption is 8.3 km / l inside the city with ethanol and up to 10.4 km / l on the road.

On the other hand, when it is fueled with gasoline in the city it does an average of 12.1 km / l and on the road it reaches up to 15.1 km / l, according to information released by INMETRO.

What is the price of a new Cobalt 2023?

Chevrolet wants and much to raise the standard and cost benefit of the car to reach the segment of top of the average sedans. So, for this year we have only two finishing versions available check the prices of each one of them:

  • LTZ 1.8: Starting Price : $ 18200
  • ELITE 1.8: Starting from: $ 20130

What did you think of the Cobalt 2023 news? Leave your comment below talking about the new generation of GM!

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