New Crossfox 2020: Prices, Photos and Versions

One of the biggest selling successes on the country’s auto scene is coming up with a lot of news! We are talking about the new Crossfox 2020, which comes with the promise to return to the top of the bestseller ranking. Stay tuned for the prices, photos and versions of the new Crossfox 2020.

The model, although not at its best, is still one of the best popular cars, costing up to $ 18 Check out the changes brought by Volkswagen to the new Crossfox 2020.

What will change in New Crossfox 2020?

Launched in the US Europe market in 2005, the model has always been very well criticized.

Check out what are the main new features of the new CrossFox 2020:

  • Redesigned headlights;
  • LED flashlights;
  • Lower front grille;
  • Manual or automated exchange options.

New Crossfox 2020

With the arrival of the new line Crossfox 2021, the automaker Volkswagen believes that the competition will be very tight between the compact with prices between $ 2800 and $ 5000.

The new Crossfox 2020 is expected to compete with Chevrolet Onix, Hyundai Hb20, Fiat Palio, Renault Sandero, Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 207.

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What will be the new series items of the new Crossfox 2020?

The forecast for the launch of Crossfox 2021 in the national market should be for the second half of 2017. For Crossfox fans, check out what are the new items expected for your 2020 line:

  • Automatic shift – i Motion Trip-Tronic;
  • 6 gears;
  • Fog lights;
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel and Multifunction;
  • Electric rearview mirrors and glass;
  • Sunroof;
  • Central Touchscreen with infotainment systems;
  • Alloy wheels 16 ” (new);
  • Traction control;
  • Assisted Steering;
  • Airbags;
  • ABS brakes with EBD;
  • Rear Camera + Parking Sensors;
  • Leather steering wheel;

Remember that some of the options in this list will be optional for the basic version.

Average consumption of the new CrossFox 2020

In terms of performance, Crossfox never left a wish, did it? And for your line in 2021 we can not expect anything different!

Check below the data obtained according to the national measurement body INMETRO on the new Crossfox:

While riding in the city with ethanol, the model managed to reach an average of 7.5 km / l when it was wheeled on the road, its record was 8.2km / l.

Tested also with gasoline, the new Crossfox 2020 reached 10.5km / l in the city and the mark of 11km / l on the roads.

Prices and versions of the new Crossfox 2020

By the year 2017, the model was sold at the Volkswagen dealership in two versions, with automatic or manual gearbox options. Due to the current financial situation in the country, the models must undergo a price change.

Check below the estimated prices for Crossfox 2020:

  • CrossFox 2017 1.6 16v MSI – $ 17800
  • CrossFox 1.6 16v MSI i-Motion – $ 18700

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