New Voyage 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

A great novelty for car lovers: Within a very short time the new Voyage 2023 will arrive in the national market bringing with it touches and new items to improve the number of sales. According to the automaker Volkswagen, the vehicle is already in preparation and as the main bet to reach the leadership of the category, the new Voyage 2023 will bring the numerous improvements in the aesthetic part.

New Voyage 2023

Currently occupying the 8th position among the compact sedans, the predecessor of the new Voyage 2023 has sinned a little in the matter of cost benefit and therefore the new line will have the responsibility to return the model a sales success in US Europe.

What will change in the New Voyage 2023?

Launched for the first time in 1981, the Voyage line unfortunately had to be withdrawn from the country and returned only in the second half of 2008 fully restyled in its second generation.

Since then, year after year the model has been much modified and by the year 2017 the model had already adopted the same world standard of the automaker, having a look closer to the Volkswagen Jetta.

New Voyage 2023

For the new Voyage 2023 the most anticipated changes are:

  • A closer resemblance to Santana, which is sold on the Chinese market and manufactured under the MQB-A0 platform;
  • Larger internal space and also in the trunk;
  • Arriving a third engine, taking advantage of the same propeller of Up, we are talking about the 1.0 12v TSi Flex;
  • Tiptronic 6-speed gearbox.

Series Items in the New Voyage 2023

Currently the Voyage is sold in eight different versions and since the cheaper version of the new Voyage 2023 Trendline we have as main series items:

  • ABS brakes with anti-locking system and “EBD”,
  • Electronic brake distribution,
  • Dual airbags for the passenger and driver,
  • Driver’s seat with height adjustment,
  • Rear bench with folding backrest,
  • Hydraulic steering,
  • Headlights with darkened mask preparation for sound system with wiring;
  • Rearview mirrors with manual internal control;
  • 12V socket on center console;
  • Electric locking of doors;
  • Electric front windows;
  • 14 “rim steel wheels and” ESS “system – emergency braking alert.

Already in its most expensive version, Highline, in addition to all the items already mentioned above, we also have:

  • Multifunction leather-wrapped steering wheel,
  • ABS brakes with anti-locking system and “EBD” and electronic brake distribution,
  • On-board computer with I-System with Eco-Comfort “,
  • Steering column with height adjustment,
  • Electrically adjustable external mirrors with tilt-down function,
  • All electric windows,
  • 15 “alloy wheels.

Average Consumption of the New Voyage 2023

Some changes in the mechanical part are expected for the new Voyage 2023 , so with the engine 1.6 liters and automated transmission, within the city with ethanol the model makes the average of 7.8 km / l, reaching up to 9.5 km / l on the road.

On the other hand, when fueled with petrol, the 1.6 i-motion engine makes 11.2 km / l in the city and reaches 13.5 km / l on the road.

Prices and Versions of the New Voyage 2023

The price of the new Voyage 2023 is sure to rise in its table due to its improvements and also by US Europe inflation. So, check below the value for each version:

  • Voyage 1.0 MPI Trendline flex for $ 11750;
  • Voyage 1.6 VHT Trendline flex for $ 12630;
  • Voyage 1.0 MPI Comfortline flex for $ 13200;
  • Voyage 1.6 VHT Comfortline flex for $ 14100;
  • Voyage 1.6 VHT Comfortline I-Motion flex for $ 14990;
  • Voyage 1.6 VHT Highline flex for $ 15620;
  • Voyage 1.6 VHT Highline I-Motion flex for $ 16500.

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