New FIAT UNO 2023: Prices, Pictures, and New Versions

The New FIAT UNO 2023 arrives presenting more than a facelift. The changes to the New FIAT UNO 2023 will leave the vehicle with a fully modified front. See what has changed inside and vehicle performance. You can not trust all the projections you make through the internet, even because a test car does not always stop at the dealerships.

New FIAT UNO 2023

In all its generations the Fiat Une has always been very well, considered by those who drive an excellent entry car, Uno wins in the requirements of stability, safety, economy, among others.

New FIAT UNO 2023

The New FIAT UNO 2023 can not disappoint, after all it is not known if it will be replaced, as it happens with the Fiat Palio and Punto.

Items Included in the New FIAT UNO 2023

Modern as never before, the Fiat Une 2023 promises to please the most demanding drivers with the increase of the electric assistance. Other technologies have also been appearing on the Uno 2023 panel.

  • Central Touchscreen Multimedia 6.2 ‘
  • Dual Logic Exchange
  • Multifunction steering wheel
  • Direction of Electrical Assistance
  • Start & Stop System
  • Reverse camera
  • Ramp Startup Wizard
  • Electric Mirrors
  • Built-in GPS
  • Glasses and Electric Locks
  • Among others.

    Fiat is succeeding in adding missing details to the Fiat Une.

Fuel consumption New FIAT UNO 2023

Good news for buyers of the New FIAT UNO 2021 , the vehicle became even more economical.

Small changes like Start & Stop and electric assist for steering have made the rate of this consumption plummet.

See the current Fiat Uno test numbers:

City: 9.2 km / l (E) and 13.1 km / l (G);
Road: 10.4 km / l (E) and 15.1 km / l (G).

We do not have the official tests yet, but the manufacturer says it will be one of the most economical in the category. The VW Up 2023 to take care!

Motorbike New FIAT UNO 2023

Modified in 2017, the new engine of the Fiat Uno 2023 seems to please the consumer public. Let’s see which is the engine used in the New FIAT UNO 2023 :

Global FIREFLY from:

1.0 three-cylinder
1.3 four cylinders

Generating a unique economy for this vehicle with durability and efficiency.

Prices and Versions Fiat Une 2023

As we know the Fiat Une 2023 is an entry-level car, so if the prices do not look so good on the pocket, remember that the revisions and maintenance are coming.

The price list for the Fiat Uno 2023 versions looks like this:

  • Fiat Uno Attractive 1.0: $ 11330;
  • Fiat Uno Way 1.0: $ 11600;
  • Fiat Uno Way 1.3: $ 12900;
  • Fiat Uno Sporting 1.3 Flex: $ 13350;
  • Fiat Uno Way 1.3 Dualogic: $ 14100;
  • Fiat Uno Sporting 1.3 Dualogic: $ 14550.

Attention: These values ​​are still from the 2023 table, soon updates here.

Photos and Design Fiat Uno 2023

Check out in detail the changes brought to the Fiat Uno 2023 inside and outside.

See the clicks of the new Uno 2023:

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