New Model Fiat Toro 2023: Prices, Fact Sheet, Consumption and Changes

The new model Fiat Toro 2023 has an amazing design and brings a lot of modernity, conquering buyers with ease. In addition to the technology present in the model, it brings with it quality equipment. The new model Fiat Toro 2023 is an attractive, economical car and brings to its buyers the best in the market. To learn more about this car, keep reading the article!

Meet the New Model Fiat Toro 2023

Besides having an updated design, this model brings comfort, safety and quality equipment in its structure.

New Model Fiat Toro 2023

The New Model Fiat Toro brings its buyers the best in the market. In addition, your price list is fully accessible. If you are thinking of changing your car, this may be the ideal model.

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New Model Fiat Toro 2023 Datasheet

Check out the New Model Fiat Toro datasheet , see all the details!

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  • Engine 1.8: Petrol fuel, horsepower CV 170. Alcohol, horsepower CV 186;
  • Engine 2.0: Diesel fuel, horsepower CV 170;
  • Flex Engine: 4 × 2 Traction;
  • Diesel Engine: 4 × 4 Traction;
  • Direction: Electric;
  • Brakes: Two disc brakes;
  • Front suspension: McPherson, independent wheel and coil springs;
  • Rear suspension: Torsion axle, semi-independent wheel and coil springs.

Dimensions and capacity

  • Length (mm): 4915;
  • Height (mm): 1680;
  • Width (mm): 1844;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2990;
  • Fuel tank capacity (L): 60;
  • Weight (kg): 1619;
  • Occupants: 5.

New Fiat Toro Series Items

The New Model Fiat Toro brings the best of its new Toro series items . Delivering the best for your customers:

  • Wheels: With new coloration;
  • Stirrups;
  • Santantonio chrome;
  • Removable towing hook;
  • Mirrors with allusive plates;
  • Leather seats;
  • Digital air conditioning;
  • Electric steering;
  • Steering Wheel: Adjustable;
  • Instrument panel: With 7 inch LCD;
  • Headlights: With cornering lights;
  • Eletric lock;
  • Radio;
  • Air bag;
  • USB

New Model Fiat Toro News

The New Fiat Toro brings some news in its new release, to provide its buyers with the best. Know what’s new:

  • Bumper: Restyled;
  • Refurbished grid design;
  • Daytime Running Lights: Larger;
  • Flashlights: With electric disposition;
  • Updated cabin design
  • Media Center: Larger screen.

Consumption of the new Toro 2023

New Model Fiat Uno 2023 consumption is done through INMETRO consumption tests. Their results show the economy that the model will have.

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Then look at the average result the pickup can reach. This will give you an idea of ​​what the new model will look like.

Road consumption

  • 1.8 Flex engine;
  • 8.3 km / l consumption with alcohol;
  • Consumption of 10.5 km / l with gasoline.

City consumption

  • 1.8 Flex engine;
  • Consumption of 9.1 km / l with alcohol;
  • Consumption of 13.2 km / l with gasoline.

Road consumption

  • 2.0 diesel engine;
  • Fuel consumption of 12,9 km / l with Diesel.

City consumption

  • 2.0 diesel engine;
  • Fuel consumption of 9,4 km / l with Diesel.

Attention: As soon as new information comes up, we will update!

New Model Fiat Toro 2023 Prices

The New Model Fiat Toro 2023 price list has been designed for its buyers. With affordable prices, you can have this modern car for a price that fits in your pocket.

  • Toro Freedom Opening Edition: US $ 20500 ;
  • Toro Freedom: US $ 20230 ;
  • Toro Volcano: US $ 30300 ;
  • The new version may have the price: US $ 36500 .

Once the cars arrive in USA Europe, this price list may update. This could happen to benefit consumers.

That way they can have the best of the auto market for an affordable price. Learn more about this new model, see the following photos!

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