New VW Gol 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

The new VW  Gol 2023 has come to shake the market. Repaginated, the generation of the new VW Gol 2023 especially appeals to those who like the sports style. Just for the photos you can see that the new VW Gol 2023 leaves a lot of car “tunado” in the slipper! And without losing comfort.

New VW Gol 2023

The new lines of its versions and finishes bring this new concept to the vehicle that arrives with the face of an old acquaintance of the market.

New VW Gol 2023

Changes in Generation New VW Goal  2023

Another surprise brought by the new VW Gol 2023 is for those who walk “lamenting” the farewell of the VW Polo.

It is my friend, the new VW Gol 2023 has a platform very close to the European Polo, greatly improving the standard and comfort offered in the market until now.

Motoring New VW Gol 2023

Who says that stops there? Has more powerful engine coming new VW Gol 2023 . It is estimated that Gol wins a turbo engine. See below:

  • 1.6 Turbo
  • 1.0 Flex
  • 1.0 TSI

Novelty would be a 1.6 from 150 hp.

  • 1.6 MSI 150 hp. Also as ‘Turbo’. Consumers are also waiting for the engine to be more economical.

Items and Technology of VW Gol 2023

European interior design, the new Gol diversified the technology offer in its versions. See what are the items you will acquire in Gol 2023.

  • Digital air conditioning;
  • Multimedia center;
  • Multifunctional steering wheel;
  • Integrated GPS;
  • Electric Mirrors – Tilt Down;

  • Security Systems – ABS, EBD;
  • Parking Sensor;
  • Airbags;
  • Fog lights;
  • Automatic Shift – I-motion

See all the items of the new VW Gol 2023 versions on the VW website.

New 2023 Goal Will Be More Spacious

In addition to a modern and more complete dashboard, the Volkswagen has left Gol 2023 much more spacious.

About 10.5 m more spaces. Between-axes would be 2.55 m plus 4 m in length.

  • Further information on the technical specifications will follow shortly.

Consumption of the New VW Gol 2023

With new engine and new aerodynamics and weight, the car has changed consumption tests, but as Gol 2023 is yet to come, stay with the tests of the previous version.

Engine 1.0 – 13 km / l (G) and 8.9km / l (E)
Engine 1.6 – 11.9 km / l (G) and 8.1 km / l (E)

What are the Gol Versions 2023

The 2023 goal will adapt its versions to the new engines, but it is not yet known how they will be distributed.

The versions are:

  • Trendline 1.0 and 1.6
  • Comfortline 1.0 and 1.6
  • Highline – 1.6
  • Track 1.0 GT- sport 1.4 *
  • There are doubts about the GT version.

Prices in the New VW Gol 2023

Check the engine option and the version you have chosen, after which check the Gol payment conditions.

  • Gol 1.0 MPI City (Flex) 2 ports for $ 10170 ;
  • Gol 1.0 MPI Trendline (Flex) for $ 11370 ;
  • Gol 1.0 MPI Track (Flex) for $ 12000 ;
  • Gol 1.6 MSI Trendline (Flex) for $ 12850 ;
  • Gol 1.6 MSI Comfortline (Flex) for $ 13360 ;
  • Goal 1.6 MSI Comfortline I-Motion (Flex) for $ 14280 .

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