New Jeep Compass 2023: Price, Versions and Consumption

Without a doubt, the new Jeep Compass 2023 is an SUV without comparisons! One of the first in its category to present the 2.0 diesel engine and 4 × 4 traction in the domestic automotive market. Know all the details of this premium utility from the Jeep car maker know why the new Jeep Compass 2023 is the right car for you!

New Jeep Compass 2023

The new Jeep Compass 2023 was thought and produced with aggressive design, but at the same time, sophisticated and comfortable for passengers. Find out what the serial items, average consumption, prices and utility versions are.

Meet the New Jeep Compass 2023

The model is the second global project of the automaker in US Europe, to be more precise, direct from the city of Goiânia in Pernambuco. The new Jeep Compass 2023 is in its second generation worldwide and its first version was launched in the second half of 2016.

The model appears to compete with full strength among compact SUVs, in the most expensive category, as well as in the cheapest medium SUV category.

New Jeep Compass 2023

Some of the key points of the car is its fine internal finish, bringing a modern yet stylish air. In addition, check out other features of the new Jeep Compass 2023 :

  • Efficient multimedia center;
  • Nice sound system from the Premium Beats brand;
  • Optimum drivability, with traction control and stability.

New Jeep Compass 2023 datasheet

The most complete version of the new Jeep Compass 2023 , the Trailhawk, features an engine very similar to the one that equips the Fiat Toro pickup and also the Jeep Renegade. That is, there is a 2.0 Multijet diesel engine with 4 cylinders, capable of generating about 170 horsepower at a torque of 35.7 kgfm.

In the other versions, the 2.0 Tigershark flex engine, capable of generating up to 166 horsepower with ethanol and torque of 20.5 kgfm.

Check out the technical details of the new Jeep Compass 2023 :

New Jeep Compass 2023

Motorization 2.0
food Multipoint Injection
Fuel Alcohol Gasoline
Power (cv) 166.0 159.0
Displacement (cm3) 1995 N / A
Torque (Kgf.m) 20.5 19.9
Height (mm) 1635
Width (mm) 1819
Weight (kg) 1432
Tank (L) 60.0

Average Consumption of the New Jeep Compass 2023

Regarding the mechanical part of the new Jeep Compass 2023, there is nothing to criticize, as the model features the 2.0 engine flex and 6-speed gearbox. So when fueled with ethanol it is 5.5 km / l inside the city and up to 7.2 km / l on the road.

On the other hand, its performance improves and much when fueled with gasoline, because running with the vehicle inside the city its average consumption is at 8.1 km / l. On the road you can reach 10.5 km / l.

Serial items present on the New Jeep Compass 2023?

The new Jeep Compass 2023 is featured in four versions. From its initial version, the model already comes with the following standard items:

  • 6-speed automatic transmission and 166 cv ethanol;
  • Headlights and taillights with LED signature;
  • Multimedia system with touch screen of 5 “with navigation;
  • Rear camera and rear parking sensor;
  • Electric parking brake;
  • 17 “alloy wheels;
  • Stability control (ESC).

Already in its most complete version, the main items are:

  • 2.0 Turbo Diesel engine with 9-speed automatic transmission (170 cv);
  • 4 × 4 traction with reduced and Selec-Terrain (exclusive Rock mode);
  • Xenon headlights;
  • Blind spot monitoring system;
  • Instrument panel with 7 “color screen configurable;
  • Electrically folding exterior mirrors;
  • Leather seats;
  • Light and rain sensor;
  • 17-inch alloy wheels with mixed-use tires;
  • Tow hooks (2 in front and 1 in back).

New Jeep Compass 2023 Prices and Versions

Although they see few changes when compared to its version of the previous year, the model had a great success of sales and for this reason a considerable increase in its price list will take place, check:

  • Jeep Compass Sport: $ 29650 ;
  • Jeep Compass Longitude: $ 32000 ;
  • Jeep Compass Night Eagle: $ 33150 ;
  • Jeep Compass Limited: $ 36900 ;
  • Jeep Compass Trailhawk: $ 44700 .

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