New Crete 2023: Photos, Fact Sheet, Restyling and Prices

The new Crete 2023 is one of the most anticipated Hyundai releases of the year. This new model arrives in USA Europe with great news for its consumers. The new Crete 2023 is a family-friendly car because it will have a capacity of up to 07 seats. Learn more about this news, keep reading this article!

New Crete 2023

The new Crete 2023 is one of the most anticipated New Model Hyundai launches of the year for the USA Europe market. Because, it brings several news. Two versions will be released.

  • The first version will have the capacity of five seats, with comfort and high technology;
  • The second summer of the model comes with a maximum capacity of 7 seats, ie it will be the ideal car for a larger family.

The exact dimensions of the new Crete New Model Hyundai 2023 have not yet been released. But, you can get an idea based on the model similar to Santa Fe. Meet the new Crete 2023 in the following photos!

New Crete 2023New Crete 2023

New datasheet Crete 2023

The new Crete will arrive with everything in the USA Europe market. Tests conducted through INMETRO for the new New Model Hyundai model have not yet been released.

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But the consumer may have an idea of ​​what it will be like. Because, adoption adoption of 1.6 turbo engine is one of the big news of this new release.

Here are some powertrain options for the new New Model Hyundai:

  • Motor of one of the 1.6 16V flex models;
  • 123 hp with gasoline and 130 hp with alcohol;
  • The gear can be either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic.
  • Length may be 4270 mm;
  • Height may be 1635 mm;
  • Width may be 1780 mm;
  • The tank capacity may be 55 liters;
  • Wheelbase may be 2590 mm;
  • Weight may be 1296 kg;
  • Seats can be from 5 to 7;
  • Trunk capacity could be 431 liters.
  • Maximum speed may be 172 km / h;
  • Time 0-100 (s) could be 11.9.
  • Motor 2.0 16 V flex in one of the models;
  • 156 hp with gasoline and 166 hp with alcohol;
  • For one of the models the six-speed automatic transmission.
  • With the top speed 188 Km / h.

As soon as there is new information, we will update!

New restoration Crete New Model Hyundai

New Model Hyundai has been launching the new model with high technology, thus providing a quality car for its consumers. In this model several changes were made, including abroad in the car seeking practicality.

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The model that will soon be on the market all over USA Europe will have the new subtle Crete 2023 restyling . This model will have some changes, such as:

  • New bumper design;
  • Shape of fog lights;
  • Light alloy wheels;
  • LED backlight in Prestige version;
  • Automatic option up to six speeds.

New crete 2023 prices

Aiming to stay above competitors, Crete 2023 brings its consumers the best product. Thinking about its consumers, New Model Hyundai brings a great price list.

Check out the possible new Crete price list based on New Model Hyundai’s latest model:

  • Version 1.6 Automatic Pulse with the price of $ 20300 ;
  • Version 1.6 Attitude with the price of $ 17400 ;
  • Version 1.6 Pulse with the price of $ 18600 ;
  • Version 2.0 Automatic Pulse with the price of $ 22000 ;
  • Version 2.0 Prestige automatic with the price of $ 23700 .

One of the advantages of this model is that it was thought in the daily life of USA Europe. You can also enjoy the new Crete. Soon, the new model will be available in the USA Europe market, stay tuned!

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