New Model Toyota SW4 2023: Price, PHOTOS, Consumption, Datasheet

The new model Toyota SW4 2023 is now available in the USA Europe automobile market and has several new features for its target audience. With a super modern and stylish look, this new generation is ready to compete with big models of the same category. To know all the details of the new model Toyota SW4 2023, keep following us!

New model Toyota SW4 2023

As we mentioned earlier in this post, the new Model Toyota SW4 2023 is now available in the USA Europe auto market.

New Model Toyota has invested heavily in this new generation, offering a number of high-tech serials as well as a super stylish and stylish look. In its design, the SW4 features a unique signature 5 chrome lines and refined interior finish, making it even more elegant.

New Model Toyota SW4 2023

For added safety for its users, the SW4 2023 has seven airbags and more and more control and electronic assistance in off-road environments.

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Equipment list of the new Toyota model SW4 2023

Available in 4 (four) versions, the new Model Toyota SW4 2023 has in all of them high tech serial items, all involving safety equipment, comfort, economy, connectivity and others.

The following are the main items found in the incoming version of SW4:

  • Automatic lighting of headlights with timer (follow me home);
  • Monochrome on-board computer;
  • Power and Eco steering modes;
  • Steering wheel with integrated controls: telephone, audio, video and trip computer.
  • Air conditioning performance: Intensely adjustable rear-seat air outlet, panel-cooled compartment;
  • 8 ″ touch screen multimedia system: GPS 9 , Digital TV 6 , MP3, auxiliary connection, USB and Bluetooth®;
  • Reverse camera with screen display;

  • Front (two) driver’s knee, side (two) and curtain (two) airbags;
  • Electronic Vehicle Stability Control ( VSC ? );
  • Electronic traction control ( A-TRC ? );
  • Climb Assistant ( HAC ? );
  • Towing Assistant ( TSC ? );
  • EBD Auxiliary System ? (electronic distribution of power and braking) on ​​all four wheels;
  • Four-wheel emergency braking assistance system ( BAS ? );
  • Isofix® universal system;
  • Rear parking sensors;
  • Cruise control speed;
  • Manual leveling of headlights;
  • Daytime Running Light (DRL).

Motorization of the new Toyota SW4 2023 model

As we mentioned earlier, this new generation of SW4 2023 is available in 4 configurations. Here’s the mechanics of each:

4 SW4 Sr Aut. Flex and SW4 Srv Aut. Flex:

  • FLEX engine: Dual VVT-i Flex 2.7 L 16 V DOHC with torque of 25 power of 163 / 5,000 hp / rpm [ethanol] and 159 / 5,000 hp / rpm [gasoline].

➜ SW4 Srx Aut. Diesel and SW4 Srx Diamond Aut. Diesel:

  • DIESEL engine : D-4D 2.8 L 16 V Turbo * intercooler (* variable geometry turbo) with torque of 45.9 power of 177 / 3,400.

Toyota SW4 2023 Average Consumption

This is one of the most sought after information for those who want to buy a vehicle, after all, fuel consumption influences a lot at the time of purchase.

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Tests were performed on the new Model Toyota SW4 2023 , where it was possible to obtain the following results:

Fuel Alcohol Gasoline
City Consumption (km / l) 4.6 6.7
Road consumption (km / l) 5.6 8.2

Datasheet of the new model Toyota SW4 2023

Through the technical data sheet it is possible to check every detail of a vehicle, and no different with the new Model Toyota SW4 2023 .

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Through this document you can learn about the mechanics, dimensions and capabilities of this new generation. Here’s all the details:

Motorization 2.7
Fuel Alcohol Gasoline
Power (hp) 163 159
Torque (kgf.m) 25 25
Maximum speed (km / h) 163 N / A
Time 0-100 (s) 14.7 N / A
City Consumption (km / l) 4.6 6.7
Road consumption (km / l) 5.6 8.2
Exchange 5-speed manual
Traction rear
Direction hydraulic
Front suspension McPherson-type front suspension with anti-roll bar, independent type wheel and coil springs.
Rear suspension Suspension beam, rigid wheel and coil springs.
Brakes Four disc brakes with four ventilated discs.
Height (mm) 1,835
Width (mm) 1,855
Length (mm) 4,795
Weight (Kg) 1,845
Tank (L) 80
Wheelbase (mm) 2,745
Trunk (L) 590
Occupants 5th

Versions and price of the new model Toyota SW4 2023

As it is a large vehicle, it is normal that its value is considered a little more than expected. All versions received new equipment, with an average price increase of $ 4,000 each.

The SW4 starts from $ 42900 and can cost $ 68000. Here’s the rate card:

  • SW4 Sr Aut. Flex: from $ 42900;
  • SW4 Srv Aut. Flex: from $ 46700;
  • SW4 Srx Aut. Diesel: from $ 64800;
  • SW4 Srx Diamond Aut. Diesel: Starting at $ 68500.

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