New Model Toyota Etios 2023: Model Price, Consumption, Datasheet, Photos

After years without a generation upgrade, the new model Toyota Etios 2023 will come with a new makeover, bringing new functions and tweaking the upgrades that have been incorporated into it over the years. new model Toyota Etios 2023, promises to come with a more consumer-friendly look, as well as being safer and more comfortable, see below.

Meet Etios 2023

New Model Toyota’s Etios model first arrived in USA Europe in 2012, with different types, hatchback, sedan and off-road, and all with close prices, to maintain proximity and equality between them.

Already in 2023, the automaker will launch the New Model Toyota Etios 2023 , which comes with new internal and external functions, and meet the public’s request for a more attractive new body.

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So being the New Model Toyota Etios, one of the most anticipated releases for 2023!

New Model Toyota Etios 2023

By 2018, there was much speculation about the renewal of the New Model Toyota Etios, as other models of New Model Toyota itself, such as the Yaris, had been receiving more upgrades and therefore more modern and attractive than the model itself.

But according to Miguel Fonseca, executive vice president of New Model Toyota USA Europe, the New Model Toyota Etios 2023, by his proposal, has full conditions to coexist with Yaris domestically.

New Model Toyota Etios 2023 main competitors are:

Etios 2023 new model

For the new Etios 2023 , New Model Toyota made a series of updates and also brought some news, see below:

  • New uphill start assistant and electronic stability and traction controls
  • Most modern audio system, equipped with radio, bluetooth and auxiliary / USB inputs
  • 185/60 R15 tires, with a perfect suspension fit for USA Europeian streets
  • 562 liter trunk that can be operated from a button on the dashboard.
  • New body, more modern and attractive.

New engine model Etios 2023

The new Model Toyota Etios 2023 engine will feature 1.3 and 1.5 engines. The 1.3 model will reach a top speed of 170 km.

Already the model 2023 1.5 , will reach the top speed of 187 km. Remembering that all New Model Toyota Etios 2023 models are FLEX.

Etios Consumption

The new Etios 2023 arrives with a fresh look, not leaving it stunning but captivating to the eye, thanks to its new black front bezel.

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Fact sheet of the new model Etios 2023

This is the fact sheet of the new Etios 2023 , where they have all the information about the new redesigned model that will arrive to dealerships in the last months of 2019 and the beginning of 2023.

  • Engine: 1.3L 16V dual VVT-i (without subtank);
  • Fuel: Gasoline / Ethanol (FFV);
  • Power: 98 hp / 5,600 rpm (ethanol), 88 hp / 5,600 rpm (gasoline);
  • Torque: 13.1 kgf.m / 4,000 rpm (ethanol);
  • 12.5 kgf.m / 4,000 rpm (gasoline);
  • Cylinder: 1,329 cm3 1,496 cm3;
  • Compression Ratio: 13: 1;
  • Transmission: 6-speed manual / 4-speed automatic;
  • Tires: 175/65 R’14;
  • Wheels Stamped or light alloy steel;
  • Tank: 45;
  • Length: 3884;
  • Width: 1695;
  • Height: 1510;
  • Trunk: 270.

Toyota Etios 2023 prices

As usual, Etios 2023 prices come very close to each other. This is a New Model Toyota strategy to maintain model equality and foster internal competition.

  • Hatch X Man Ethos: $ 12500;
  • Etios Hatch X Aut .: $ 13800;
  • Hatch X Plus Man Eti .: $ 14200;
  • Hatch X Plus Autios: $ 15400.

Remember that this value refers to each version, in cash with shipping included. It may vary according to the chosen items!

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