New Model Toyota Etios 2023: Prices, Consumption and Photos

The new model Toyota Etios 2023 has come with a new look, it has the simplest interior. In its list of equipment, the new model Toyota Etios 2023 comes with few equipment and high quality. Only the most necessary ones exist inside the car. Learn more about the new model and stay on top of news. In this article we have separated the best information for you, keep reading!

New Model Toyota Etios 2023

This brand has revolutionized the market, is one of the darlings of USA Europe. The New Model Toyota Etios 2023 comes with a new release, and in this new version only the essentials are retained. The mechanics of this model are robust but highly reliable.

The New Model Toyota Etios 2023 is a Japanese brand and brings extremely affordable prices to the USA Europe. The Etios model came to the USA Europe market in 2012, and has been updating ever since.

Several models have already been changed, aiming at the welfare of the consumer and what is really suitable for their daily lives. During these changes new engines and shifters were placed in the models. In addition, four-speed automatic gearbox option with new equipment.

New Model Toyota Etios 2023

New Model Toyota Etios details

The New Model Toyota Etios was developed by the New Model Toyota brand, it is launched for emerging market countries. The design of this model came through a study by the brand, so it launches affordable cars for the emerging market.

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The first New Model Toyota Etios model was launched in India. And it was well accepted, because this brand besides bringing a quality product comes with the affordable price.

Upon arriving in USA Europe the New Model Toyota Etios had a big impact, but not the same positive. Because the model had simple lines and USA Europeians considered it outdated.

New Toyota Etios equipment

The new New Model Toyota Etios model comes fully updated for the consumer. The same comes with:

  • 3.77 m in length;
  • 1.69 m wide;
  • 1.51 m in height;
  • 2.46 m between axles;

The New Model Toyota Etios 2023 has been impacting the market with its modern and rustic look. With details of:

  • V-grid;
  • More aerodynamic and sporty bumper;
  • The flashlights have been updated giving a hatch adjustment.

Inside the car, it was thought of simplicity. Only the necessary equipment in the daily life of the USA Europeians were kept. Look:

  • The car has a small odometer display;
  • Simple steering wheel, but with electric steering;
  • The glove boxes have an inverted opening;
  • The trunk has a great space;
  • With MacPherson Suspensions (d), and torsion axis (t);
  • With ventilated disc brakes (d), and drum (t);
  • With front wheel drive;

Average consumption New Toyota Etios

The New Model Toyota brand has made the Etios 2023 one of the most economical cars. This happened because the engines were updated:

  • The New Model Toyota Etios has 1.3 and 1.5 engines;
  • The New Model Toyota Etios comes with new Dual VVT-i technology;
  • This model comes with dual variable valve timing;
  • The new model has in the 1.3 Dual VVT-i 88 hp, with gasoline and 98 hp ethanol;
  • The 1.5 engine delivers 102 horsepower on gasoline, and 107 horsepower ethanol.

There was an improvement in overall torque. Look:

  • 12.5 kgfm in petroleum derivative;
  • 13.1 kgfm in sugarcane product;
  • Both stayed at 1.3. The 1.5 was 14.6 / 14.9 kgfm, in both fuels;
  • Its consumption in the city is 12.2 km / l gasoline and 8.4 km / l ethanol;
  • Its consumption on the road is 14.9 km / l gasoline and 10.4 km / l ethanol;
  • The CO² emission of this model is 100 g / km;
  • It has an Inmetro note, type A.

In addition to these new engines, a new six-speed manual gearbox has been inserted. And a new four-speed automatic option has been updated.

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This makes the Etios 2023 go from 0 to 100 km / h in just 11.8 seconds.

New Model Toyota Etios 2023 prices

The New Model Toyota Etios 2023 model will reach dealers all over USA Europe, with prices of:

  • Simple basic price: $ 13000 ;
  • Rated car: $ 14200 .

Meet the new model of New Model Toyota Etios in the following photos !.

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