New Saveiro 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

With a few changes in its exterior and many new items, the new Saveiro 2023will soon reach Volkswagen’s more than 600 Volkswagen stores in the country and guarantee that it will win even more customers! Find out what are the main changes presented by the new generation of the model and stay within the prices, average consumption, photos and versions regarding the new Saveiro 2023.

New Saveiro 2023

Trying to get the lead in its class, the new Saveiro 2023 has gained a stronger and more aggressive look in the front, making it an improved pickup. Learn all about the launch of this new generation, follow!

What will change in New Saveiro 2023?

Manufactured in the city of São Bernardo do Campo in SP, Saveiro arrived in US Europe in the year 1982, characterized only as a car for work.

New Saveiro 2023

By 2023 the improvements should increase even more! Although its latest restyling has been complete, the German automaker Volkswagen has already announced that the new Saveiro 2023will be manufactured under the MQB platform and so we can have a pickup with 4 × 4 traction and other modern equipment that only exist in luxury vans .

Series Items present at New Saveiro 2023

Currently the 2023 sloop is available in up to 7 different finish versions, always with 1.6-liter MSI flex engine and 5-speed manual gearbox. As previously stated, the automaker will invest heavily in internal improvements to the vehicle, without leaving the price list of up to $ 26 thousand.

Check out now what will be the new series items of the new Saveiro 2023:

  • Alloy wheels – 15 “rim;
  • Break light;
  • Rear lights darkened;
  • Auxiliary headlamp: for fog, long range and static conversion;
  • Airbags;
  • On-board computer;
  • Instrument Panel with spin count;
  • Electric door locks;
  • Seat height adjustment;
  • Electric windows – front;
  • Retreflectors;
  • Easy Trunk;
  • Hydraulic steering;
  • Protective grid;
  • Bucket cover;
  • Fog light;
  • Headrest for passengers;
  • Reading lights;
  • Bluetooth;
  • 5 Speed;
  • Support bar in the ceiling;
  • Headlight with dark cloth.

Is it a complement or not? Keep following the article to know the price of each version of the new Saveiro 2023 .

New Saveiro Average Consumption 2023

The new Saveiro 2023 Cross will be equipped with the 1.6 hp 1.6-liter engine from the EA211 family, while the Robust, Trendline and Highline versions will be equipped with the 1.6 hp 1.6 Total Flex engine. Average consumption within the urban perimeter with ethanol reaches up to 7.3 km / l on the road up to 7.9 km / l.

On the other hand, when fueled with gasoline this MSI 1.6 engine makes an average of about 10.5 km / l inside the city and reaches up to 11.4 km / l running on the highways.

Prices and Versions of New Saveiro 2023

Despite having its value readjusted in a short time, another will be expected for the line Saveiro 2023. Check out the prices for each version of the new Saveiro 2023:

  • Saveiro Working 1.4 Flex: from $ 12600
  • Saveiro Working 1.4 Fire (Flex): from $ 13150
  • Saveiro Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex): from $ 52,800.00
  • Saveiro Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex Extended Cab): from $ 15370
  • Saveiro Hard Working 1.4 Fire (Flex – Double Cab): from $ 17300
  • Saveiro Adventure 1.8 E.torQ (Flex – Cab Extended): from $ 17850
  • Saveiro Adventure 1.8 E.torQ (Flex – Double Cab): from $ 19700
  • Saveiro Adventure 1.8 E.torQ Dualogic (Flex – Double Cab): from $ 20900

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