Nissan March 2023: Prices, Photos and Technical Info

As has been said by the Japanese automaker, the launch of the Nissan March 2023 will occur first in European countries and soon thereafter will go to the auto market of some other countries, including US Europe. Until then, stay on top of all the news that the fifth generation of the model, which is represented by the Nissan March 2023 has to offer.

Nissan March 2023

According to the carmaker, the Nissan March 2023 should compete directly with the Ford Fiesta and also with the Peugeot 2023 and for that, the model will have to present a restyling and so much!

What will change in the Nissan March 2023?

The model arrived in the country in 2011, with a price below 30 thousand reais , becoming a darling in the popular category. In 2014, after the inauguration of the Nissan factory in Rezende RJ, we can have access to its first restyling.

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Nissan March 2023

Nowadays, one of the new features of the fifth generation of the March line is the resemblance both inside and outside with the newly arrived Nissan Kicks SUV. The vehicle’s appearance features boomerang taillights. Also, know what are the main news of the Nissan March 2023 :

  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • 7-inch multimedia center that accesses the Apple CarPlay app;
  • It will be 12 cm longer than the 2017 line.

Serial Items for March 2023

While the line is not completely restyled here in US Europe, Nissan tries to give a “pat on the look” to continue to please consumers and the proof of this are the new series items of the Nissan March 2023 , check which are:

  • Engines 1.0 or 1.6 liters, which yield 77cv and 111cv of power respectively;
  • 5-speed manual or CVT-type automatic transmission;
  • Electrical direction;
  • ABS brakes with EBD;
  • Brake Assist;
  • Airbags;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Multimedia center with integrated Android system;
  • Automatic digital air conditioning;
  • On-board computer;
  • 16 “alloy wheels;
  • Key with remote control;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • External rearview mirror with integrated lights.

Average consumption of Nissan March 2023

One of the most attractive factors of the March line is its average consumption. As the Nissan March 2023 has not yet been evaluated by INMETRO, see the current model ratings (2017) below:

  • Engine 1.0 – 3 cylinders
    Alcohol – 8.8 km / liters – City
    Alcohol – 10.3 km / liters – Road
    Gasoline – 12.9 km / liters – City
    Gasoline – 15.1 km / liters – Road

  • Engine 1.6 16V
    Alcohol – 8.9 km / liters
    Gasoline – 13.1 km / liters
    (Average for road and city).

Nissan March 2023 prices and their versions

Because of the changes, the price of Nissan March 2023 will be higher than its predecessor. With prices starting from $ 12120 going up to $ 16650 in the most expensive version with CVT exchange. In all there are 8 (eight) versions of this model, see the prices of each one:

  • Nissan March 1.0 S: $ 12120;
  • Nissan March 1.0 SV: $ 12500;
  • Nissan March 1.6 SV: $ 14000;
  • Nissan March 1.6 SV CVT: $ 15350;
  • Nissan March 1.6 SL CVT: $ 16650.

What did you think of the Nissan March 2023 ? Leave your comment and rating below! As soon as other information regarding the launch in the national market is released, we will add to the post.

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