Renault Alaskan 2023: Prices, Photos and Versions

The Renault Alaskan 2023 pickup truck is arriving in the US Europe auto market ready to be among the sales leaders of the category. If you are looking for information about the Renault Alaskan 2023 , know that you are in the right place, as we have gathered all the new details of this launch here!


Renault Alaskan 2023

The new generation of Renault Alaskan is already being manufactured, but will be launched only in 2023. The model will offer its users plenty of technology, comfort, safety, economy and stability.

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In its visual, the Renault Alaskan 2023 promises robust lines in a striking style prepared to make the truck modern and impressive.

Renault Alaskan 2023

At the front of the vehicle you can see a striking grid and elongated lanterns that contribute to this style.

Competitors Renault Alaskan:

  • Toyota Hilux;
  • Volkswagen Amarok;
  • Ford Ranger;
  • Nissan Frontier.

Standard items in the Renault Alaskan 2023

With super modern and technological serial items, the Renault Alaskan 2023 will offer its customers and users diverse equipment of safety and comfort.

You can find the following serial items in one of the versions of this release:

  • Two-zone digital air-conditioning and manual;
  • Leather seats with heating and electrical adjustments for driver and passenger;
  • Ignition without the need for a key;
  • Lumbar support seats;
  • Front seats with heating;
  • On-board computer;
  • Bluetooth;

  • GPS;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Multifunction steering wheel;
  • Aids for ascent and descent;
  • Leather seats with heating and electrical adjustments for driver and passenger;
  • Vehicle opening;
  • Ignition without the need for a key in the hands
  • 360 degree view by cameras.
  • Among others.

Renault Alaskan 2023 technical specifications

It is through the technical data sheet that customers and users are aware of all the information regarding the vehicle in question. In this document, details about dimensions, capacities, engine and chassis of the vehicle are disclosed.

As the Renault Alaskan 2023 will still be launched in the automotive market, information about its datasheet has not yet been released. That is, so far we do not have this information.

But for you to have a sense of how the model will come, check out the information contained in the datasheet of the current available versions:

  • Fuel: Diesel and gasoline;
  • Valves: 16;
  • Fuel tank: 80 liters;
  • Load capacity: 1000kg;
  • Transmission: Manual with six gears and automatic with seven speeds.

* As soon as information about the data sheet of the Renault Alaskan 2023 is released, we will update this post again!

Versions and price of the new Renault Alaskan 2023

All those who wish to buy a vehicle, look first for the versions available and of course, at the price it is costing.

Until the closing of this post, the price list of the Renault Alaskan 2023 had not yet been announced.

However, for you to keep informed we have brought the suggested table. Check out:

  • Renault Alaskan Flex 4 × 2 Mechanics: from $ 31000 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Flex 4 × 4 Automatic: from $ 36400 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Diesel 4 × 4 Mechanics: from $ 36400 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Diesel 4 × 4 Automatic: from $ 36400 ;
  • Renault Alaskan Diesel 4 × 4 Automatic TOP: from $ 45800 .

* Soon, we will come back to update this post with even more information for you!

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