New Renault Kwid 2023: New Versions, Photos, Prices, Specifications

Ready to see the new Renault Kwid 2023 ? This launch arrived in the US Europe automotive market full of news and changes, one of its main is its look that is now even more modern. To stay inside more information about the new Renault Kwid 2023 follow us!

New Renault Kwid 2023

The new Renault Kwid 2023 is full of news. The model is already being marketed in the US Europe automotive market.

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With a super modern look, this launch features a design with striking features and dynamic curves, plus it features SUV and compact spirit.

New Renault Kwid 2023

One of the focuses of this model is safety, delivering as standard four airbags, two front and two side, and Isofix fasteners for children’s chairs. Another proposal is a maintenance cost of less than $ 1.00 a day, in addition to competitive pricing.

Key competitors of the new Renault Kwid 2023:

Renault Kwid 2023 series features

The new Renault Kwid 2023 features a range of safety and comfort items, in which your customers and users may feel even more comfortable in long journeys, as their internal space is even wider.

In addition, this model offers high-tech items being among the most competitive cars in this scope among models in the same category.

Next, check out the main items in the new Renault Kwid 2023 :

  • Fabric benches;
  • Pre-provision for radio;
  • Sound and visual alert of the use of the driver and passenger seatbelt;
  • ABS;
  • Center lap belt, rear;
  • 2 Side airbags;
  • 2 Isofix;
  • 3-point retractable front seat belts with height adjustment;
  • 2 front airbags;
  • 12V socket;
  • Side rear head restraints with height adjustment;

  • Internal opening of the trunk;
  • Hot air;
  • 1/1 folding bench;
  • Gear shift indicator;
  • Rear window defroster;
  • 5-speed manual transmission;
  • Rearview mirrors with manual adjustment;
  • Black rearview mirrors and door handles.

The items mentioned above, is available in the entry version on the new Renault Kwid!

Average consumption of the new Renault Kwid 2023

In tests already carried out, it was possible to evaluate the fuel consumption of the new Renault Kwid 2023 . In these tests, Inmetro evaluated the vehicle running in the city and highway, being fueled with both gasoline and alcohol.

The model presented the following results:

  • Consumption city: 10, Km / l fueled with alcohol and 14.9 fueled gas;
  • Consumption road: 10.8 Km / l fueled with alcohol and 15.6 fueled gas.

Technical specifications of the new Kwid 2023

The following is the datasheet for the entry version of the new Kwid 2023 :

Mechanical Engineering

  • Motorization: 1.0;
  • Fuel: Alcohol and Gasoline;
  • Exchange: Manual of 5 gears;
  • Traction: Front;
  • Direction: Mechanics;
  • Front Suspension: McPherson type suspension, independent type wheel and helical springs;
  • Rear suspension: Torsion axle suspension, semi-independent wheel type and helical springs;
  • Brakes: Two disc brakes.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Height (mm): 1.474;
  • Width (mm): 1.579;
  • Length (mm): 3.680;
  • Weight (kg): 758;
  • Tank (L): 38;
  • Between-axes (mm): 2.423;
  • Luggage Rack (L): 290;
  • Occupants: 5.

Versions and price of the Renault Kwid 2023

The Renault Kwid 2023 is already being sold at US Europe dealerships. The 2023 model is available in 3 (three) versions, costing:

  • Renault Kwid Life from $ 8083 ;
  • Renault Kwid Zen from $ 8900 ;
  • Renault Kwid Intense from $ 9200 .

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