Toyota Hilux 2023: Reviews, Prices, Vehicles, and Reviews

That model of car that arrived to stay for many years in the US Europe automobile market. That’s right, we’re talking about Hilux. The Toyota Hilux 2023 comes with a lot of news, one of them is in its visual. Below, all the details of the new Toyota Hilux 2023 !

Toyota Hilux 2023

In this post you will check all the information of the new Toyota Hilux 2023 , such as its datasheet, prices, average consumption and more. Keep following us to stay on top of all the details of this new Toyota brand launch.

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Totally restyled, the new Toyota Hilux 2023 arrives in US Europe with plenty of news for its customers and users, bringing inNewtion, technology, comfort, safety and all that is best in the automotive world.

Starting with its look, the Hilux 2023 has a more robust style compared to the current model, its front grille that previously had chrome fillets now features a more sober and imposing.

Toyota Hilux 2023

Another novelty present in this launch is the front bumper, which has a more robust appearance. Their fog lights were restyled, as well as the air intakes;

The inspiration for the new grille came from the Tacoma pickup, marketed in the US market.

Below, more news about the Toyota Hilux 2023 !

Items in the new Toyota Hilux 2023

The new Toyota Hilux 2023 features a series of high-tech items where its users can enjoy the modernity present in the vehicle.

The following are the expected items for the 2023 model:

  • Manual air conditioning;
  • Hydraulic steering;
  • On-board computer;
  • GPS navigator;

  • Digital TV;
  • Reverse camera;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Airbags;
  • Electric rearview mirror;
  • Toyota Play Multimedia Center synchronized to Smartphone via Bluetooth;
  • Automatic headlamp activation;
  • Multimedia center with 7-inch touch screen;
  • Among others.

Toyota Hilux 2023 Consumption Test

Inmetro is the US Europe body responsible for carrying out the tests of consumption of the vehicles that are here. However, until the closure of this post the agency had not yet published any information regarding the average consumption of the Hilux 2023.

But to keep you informed, we have brought the current economy of this model.

  • Consumption fueled with ethanol: average of 4.8 km / l in the city and 5.6 km / l on the highway;
  • Consumption fueled by gasoline: average of 6.9 km / l in the city and 8.1 km / l on the highway.

* Once we get this information we will come back to update this post!

Versions and price of the Toyota Hilux 2023

Next, check the current price chart with their respective versions:

  • Hilux 2.7 SR Double cab Traction 4 × 2 automatic flex motor: $ 30370
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI Chassis Cab Simple 4 × 4 traction: $ 31280
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI STD Single Traction 4 × 4 Cabin: $ 32300
  • Hilux 2.7 SRV Double cab 4 × 4 automatic flex: $ 35360
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI STD 4×4 Double Traction Cabin: $ 35660
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI SR Dual traction 4 × 4 automatic cab : $ 41470
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI SRV Double 4×4 Automatic Traction Cabin: $ 45460
  • Hilux 2.8 TDI SRX Double 4×4 Traction Automatic Cab : $ 51180

Hilux 2023 technical specifications

So far the technical file of the new Hilux 2023 was not disclosed by the manufacturer brand. While this does not happen, check out the information below about this document from the current template.

  • 2.7L engine of 158 hp with gasoline and 163 hp with alcohol;
  • 177 HP 2.8L diesel engine;
  • Six-speed automatic transmission in all versions.

Dimensions and capacities

  • Length (mm): 5260;
  • Width (mm): 1835;
  • Height (mm): 1860;
  • Between-axes (mm): 3085;
  • Weight (kg): 1685 (flex) and 1925 (diesel);
  • Fuel tank capacity: 80 liters;
  • Seating: 5.

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