Fiat Argo 2023: Price, Motors and Versions!

Do you already know which vehicle will be the successor of the most expensive models of the Fiat Palio and also the Punto? Get to know the Fiat Argo 2023 , a novelty of the Italian automaker that promises to be the fusion of elegance and power, and can be considered one of the best in its class. Check out all the official information we have gathered so far about the Fiat Argo 2023 and get to know it!

The official launch has not even happened, but the Fiat Argo 2023 is already one of the models most commented by Internet users. Basically, the car was inspired by the lines of the European Type Fiat, which was launched there last year. To learn more, join us!

Fiat Argo 2023

Trying to stand out in the category, the Fiat Argo 2023 will be the “most complete premium hatch in the market,” according to the automaker. However, this will not be an easy task! To achieve the success of sales in the country, will have to unseat many other cars of the domestic auto market.

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Fiat Argo 2023

Speaking a little of the interior of the Argo 2023, the brand bets on the size of the cabin to make the occupants more comfortable. According to experts in the subject, the launch of Fiat will have more internal space than the competition, being one of the first differentials programmed to please potential consumers with a larger family.

Its exterior features a long, bulky hood, LED-guided headlights and its three-dimensional grid.

At the rear, lanterns have fragmented design with a “C” shape, emphasizing the Fiat logo and leaving the vehicle with a rather modernized air.

What will be the serial items of the Fiat Argo 2023

Argo’s proposal is to provide greater security, entertainment and practicality with its factory items. Starting with its 7 “Uconnect Touch multimedia center that offers USB port for media and 2nd USB input for charger, Bluetooth with voice recognition, streaming audio, AM / FM radio, radio and telephone commands on the steering wheel and more.

Also, check out the main items of the Fiat Argo 2023 :

  • Electric windows and latches;
  • Two front airbags;
  • Electrical direction;
  • LED daytime running lights;
  • Foglamp;
  • Banks with ISOFIX;
  • Twilight sensor;
  • On-board computer;
  • Multi-functional steering wheel and rear shift gearshift fins;
  • Traction controls;
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC);
  • Assistant rampart;
  • Reverse sensor;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Digital air conditioning.

In a comparison with the Fiat Punto, the Fiat Argo 2023 achieved a 7% increase in torsional stiffness and an 8% increase in flexural stiffness. Therefore, according to the results Argo has a higher resistance, safety and durability.

Fiat Argo 2023 prices and versions

The Fiat Argo 2023 is offered in three differentiated engines. The Firefly with versions 1.0 three-cylinder and 1.3 four-cylinder, in addition to the E.torQ 1.8 Evo VIS 139 hp. Learn what are the launch prices for card version of the vehicle:

  • Argo 1.0 flex manual: from $ 12200 ;
  • Argo Drive 1.0 flex manual: from $ 12900 ;
  • Argo Drive 1.3 manual flex: from $ 14900 ;
  • Argo Drive 1.3 flex GSR: from $ 16200 ;
  • Argo Precision 1.8 flex manual: from $ 16800 ;
  • Argo Precision 1.8 automatic flex: from $ 18500 ;
  • Argo HGT 1.8 flex manual: from $ 17700 ;
  • Argo HGT 1.8 automatic flex: from $ 19300

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