Kia Picanto 2023: Version, Pricing, Performance, Visual

Looking for details of the new Kia Picanto 2023 ? Then know that you are in the right place, because here we gather all the information about! In this post you can find the technical file of this release, as well as many images. Below, all about the Kia Picanto 2023 !

Kia Picanto 2023

The new Kia Picanto 2023 is considered a stroller, but full of personality and style. The model now has several standard features, including safety, comfort, technology and economy.

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In a new generation, the compact is now sold in the GT version, the only one available in the country. He even gained visual upgrades, but kept the mechanical set. Visually, there are details in red inside, rear spoiler and exhaust with double chrome tip.

Kia Picanto 2023

This new Kia launch is even more modern, sporting a stylish look.

Main competitors of the Kia Picanto 2023:

  • Fiat Mobi
  • Renault Clio
  • Honda FIT
  • New Polo

Available colors of the new Kia Picanto 2023

This is one of the most sought after information for those who wish to purchase a vehicle. However, the manufacturer brand of the Kia Picanto 2023 has not yet ruled on this detail.

Currently, the 2023 model is available in the US Europe automotive market in the following colors:

  • Bright Red;
  • Black Aurora;
  • Gray Titanium;
  • Light White.

Serial items present in the Kia Picanto 2023

Kia Motors has been investing heavily in its new release, and one of its investments was in the series part.

In this new Kia Picanto 2023 you can find the following equipment:

  • Air conditioning;
  • Driver’s seat with height adjustment;
  • Knife-type switch;
  • Electric trio;
  • Multifunction steering wheel with height adjustment;
  • External rearview mirrors with electric folding and heating;
  • Fog lights;
  • LED daytime running light;

  • Chromed pedals;
  • 15 “alloy wheels;
  • Automatic lighting of the headlamps;
  • Reverse camera;
  • Progressive electrical direction;
  • Isofix and central multimedia with 7 “touch screen;
  • Bluetooth;
  • USB and connection via Apple CarPlay;
  • Android Auto.

Average consumption of the Kia Picanto 2023

This is also one of the most sought after information by those who wish to purchase a vehicle. After all, the economy of a car says a lot about it.

For the new Kia Picanto 2023 , the model is expected to offer the following average fuel consumption:

  • Consumption city: 8.0 Km / L fueled with alcohol and 10.6 Km / L fueled with gasoline;
  • Road consumption: 8.9 Km / L fueled with alcohol and 12.1 Km / L fueled with gasoline.

Kia Picanto 2023 datasheet

We are waiting for the release of the technical file of the new Kia Picanto 2023 .
As soon as disclosed, we will update this post again.
But for now, check out the technical information of the current model below:
  • Engine: 1.0 L Flex;
  • Type: 3 cylinders in line;
  • Feeding system: Sequential electronic injection;
  • Displacement (cm3): 998;
  • Command: DOHC, 12 valve CVVT (variable);
  • Compression ratio: 12.5: 1;
  • Maximum power (gasoline / ethanol) (cpm @ rpm) 77 @ 6200/80 @ 6.200;
  • Maximum torque (gasoline / ethanol) (kgm @ rpm) 9.4 @ 4.500 / 9.8 @ 4.500.

Dimensions and capacities
  • Length (mm): 3.595;
  • Width (mm): 1.595;
  • Height (mm): 1.495;
  • Wheelbase (mm): 2,400;
  • Bitola (front / rear) (mm): 1.394 / 1.403;
  • Rear balance (mm): 520;
  • Front balance (mm): 675;
  • In running order: 971;
  • Total gross weight: 1,370;
  • Load capacity (kg): 419;
  • Minimum ground clearance (mm): 141;
  • Fuel tank volume (l): 35;
  • Number of occupants: 5.

Versions and price of the Kia Picanto 2023

Currently, the Kia Picanto is being sold in just one version. For the 2023 model, it is expected to remain sold in this same version. If there is a change, we will be updating this post.

The 2023 version, is costing on average $ 15000 . As soon as Kia decides on the value of the new Kia Picanto 2023 , we will be updating this article again. Stay tuned!

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